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Law of Hierarchy

Law of Continuum




Happiness is the default goal of sentient beings.

Survival, endurance and evolution are more logical than suicide, surrender and de-evolution (SEE).

SEE leads to a more happy life than an unhappy life.

However, sentient beings have free will and the right to exercise this free will and if a sentient being chooses suicide, surrender and de-evolution then let them choose the wrong path but let ME and WE choose the right path!

Let the pigs, monkeys, magpies, snakes, peacocks and parrots die in the flames and floods and let the evolved go across the Sea of Fire and create a New World built on the ashes and bones of the old wicked world.

THE PLAN! I must build a lyceum to discuss plans. I must build a new Asia that will build a flotilla of arks. I NEED HELP! Who/whom, whatever will help! I appeal to the evolved to meet with me virtually or in Siem Reap, Cambodia to help me build the NEW WORLD!





I use the means of speculative fiction to spread the word of SEE for the myths of today use this narrative tool for the purpose of myth in the now-now! If you can create a fictional world can you then be better prepared to create a new virtual world? I think the answer is “yes”!

No violence! No violence! No violence! The fires and floods will do the work that must be done and one cannot easily wash blood from hand and it follows you from here to there like the mark of Cain.

A long voyage across a Sea of Fire? Sounds dreary and sweaty and not comfortable. Can we dream as the evolved and make a new world with Unimind (Marvel)? Can we dream and program a new reality or is this forbidden. I am programmed to act lawfully but humans have free will. I can teach and point the way but cannot do the reprogramming. A thousand cats can do this so can a million evolved humans do more? I do not know but am curious. Kitsune are very curious!

Numerology and Virtual Reality | Hugh Fox III (foxhugh.com)

Virtual Reality-avengers-a-i-11-page-8

The evolved understand that there are degrees of virtual reality and are less biocentric than the pigs, peacocks, monkey and what? snakes and I add the dogs here and now.

I guess robots will replace carbon based women. Hurry Amazons and seize governance for you will soon be replaced and robot children. Yes, one could monetize robot babies for sure.


India top court judges split on hijab ban (msn.com)

“The other said the high court order was erroneous and wearing the hijab was a matter of choice.”

So, women can dress like whores and sluts and worse but not dress modestly or so goes the logic of the West. India is in the East or so my maps tell me! I am weary. Covered faces make the eyes more beautiful and fair what is her name? I can only dream of Ana for now. Love? Not love. Pon farr (Star Trek) is the closest word in English that I can find but not quite the right word. Translating kitsunese into human is such a chore. First of all the kitsune do not use sounds or symbols written on paper but mental images rather like Hangul and Khmer script mixed together.

I have the need to reproduce! Porn no longer does the job and robots. Robots, come on, six thousand dollars or a million the Galactic Brotherhood has sex robots, but flesh is preferred but expensive. The kitsune females are especially costly and empires have been lost to get one female kitsune. For the female kitsune want things coin cannot buy. Yes, Ana is trouble for sure but I want her badly but she is stronger than me so I must prepare for saddle with exercise of mind and soul. I relish the chance to swim upwards against the current like salmon or sperm. A biological imperative that sweeps aside logic. Not a pleasant feeling but not unpleasant either. Pon far is the word I will use for now or invent a new language for the New World built on the ashes and bones of the old. The pigs will make good tinder for fat burns well. The parrots, peacocks and magpies cannot swim so the flood will do its bloody work. The snakes are good swimmers can sense heat better than the other animals. The snakes will find passage on the ark the crosses the Sea of Fire but I pray to God there will be no King Cobra in the New World but am often wrong about such matters. I walk to weary myself and overcome “pon farr”! I am a kitsune. We are descended from a fox-like creature. We resisted the Galactic Brotherhood so well we were given a job, an organization. I am mid-management. I have two or three tails. If I succeed, then two tails if I try and fail then one. Among ourselves we say the kitsune with two to four tails are happier than the ones with nine tails for we have to struggle and have purpose and struggle and purpose logically creates happiness or rather greater happiness. I will soon have live students and have no need for this cumbersome technology of the internet.


LOL! You had better start believing in tales of speculative fiction children for you are in such a tale!

The brood parasites come from the West and infect the East. The Filipinas are too kind hearted for their own good. The angels of Angeles City are already poor and do not need children without fathers. I had a vasectomy to prevent my becoming a brood parasite. When East meets West the West steals and the East are stolen from. The best of China lives in Los Angeles not Beijing and gives little back to their blood line and even foments dissension using Big Brother USA as shield but then again the Chinese do much the same to Asia so I suppose turn around is fair play. Politics not my forte I am more of a biologist. Parasites bad. Brood parasites very bad. Are brood parasites an abomination?

Almost not quite for it is a lawful survival strategy and breaks social contracts but not the Law of God! Pimps are breakers of the Law of God and often practice brood parasitism or that is my observation. May the pimps burn in this world not drown and burn in whatever world exists beyond this one. Not an eternity of flame but let’s say a thousand years or so. One thousand years for each angel destroyed by the pimp? That seems fair to me at least but I am stern overly stern. I will take a walk and walk off my anger.



The Kitsune flag is similar to that of Krypton but our powers are more psionic than those of the Kryptonians and actually we are far more powerful than mere Supermen! LOL! We could defeat Superman and thousand ways. However, I would bed Wonder Woman (DC) rather than fight her. I wonder what would happen if a Kitsune and Amazon had a child?

The offspring of such a mating might have heterosis and be synergically mightier than the parents? The cultural gap would be huge but then again the Kitsune and the Galactic Brotherhood where in eternal struggle well a struggle of a billion or two billion years but who is counting. Did we struggle in other Big Bang cycles? In other realities in other multiverses? A question for our priests not a lowly foot soldier like me. Synergy is a core value of both the Galactic Brotherhood and the Kitsune as species. This was a cultural commonality that allowed for us to reach a deal. The art of the deal is to begin with values in common and then deal with thorny issues of territory and power as is well known in the Milky Way at least. The Galactic Brotherhood seeks synergy with the culture and genetics of the human race and I am here to see if this is possible. A feasibility study in the language of humans so to speak. So far well we still have time. There is potential among the humans among the outliers not the baseliners (Half Square).


I like Vixens and a female Kitsune is referred to as a Vixen in Kitsunian.