297) Mind Control (group)

Mind Control (group) – The ability to control the minds of four or more people at the same time.

Literary Critique of Mind Control (group)

Karma (Marvel) has a brother that is able to control the all Fantastic Four at the same time (Marvel Team-Up #100)!

Mind control (group)-Karma-Marvel Team-Up #100

In Adventure Comics V1 #349, Universo (DC) was almost able to control six legionnaires at the same time. This includes Saturn Girl (DC) and she is a powerful telepath and presumably has some immunity to mind control.

Mind Control (group)–Universo-Adventure Comics #349

Peter “Sting” Stanchek (Valiant) uses his mind control to kill hundreds of rebels but feels guilty.

mind-control-group-peter-sting-stanchek-divinity-iii-stalinverse-1-12 mind-control-group-peter-sting-stanchek-divinity-iii-stalinverse-1-13 mind-control-group-peter-sting-stanchek-divinity-iii-stalinverse-1-14

Starro (DC) can control the minds of billions of minds at the same time (Who’s Who in the DC Universe #13).

Solovar (DC) – Injustice 2 #43

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