252) Life Force Manipulation

Life Force Manipulation – The ability to manipulate the life force of others.  Life Force Manipulation is also known as Energybending, Gamakinesis, Life Energy, Life-Force Control, Quintekinesis, Quintessence Manipulation, Reiki Manipulation, Senjutsu, Spiritual Energy Manipulation, Vitality Manipulation and Vitalum Vitalis.

Literary Critique of Life Force Manipulation 

A Deep Stalker can drain the life energy of a victim (Creature Collection III. Savage Bestiary).

Life Force Manipulation-D&D-Deep Stalker-Creature Collection III. Savage Bestiary

Selene (Marvel) drains life force for sustenance and immortality and assembles a team of killers consisting of Blink, Senyaka, Mortis, Wither, and Eli Bard in the story arc Necrosha (X-Necrosha #1).

Life Force Manipulation-Selene-X-Necrosha #1-4 Life Force Manipulation-Selene-X-Necrosha #1-5 Life Force Manipulation-Selene-X-Necrosha #1-6

The Vamp (Image) is very similar to Selene both in terms of powers and her penchant for black leather (The Bounce #6).

Life Force Manipulation-The Vamp-The Bounce #6 (Image)

Trilloch – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual III


Unlife – Creature Collection II. Dark Menagerie


Vasuthant – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual III


Cassandra Avenger X (Marvel) appears to boost powers but actually takes their life force in Avengers V6 #8.

Kaine Salinger (DC) takes a compassionate business-like approach to sucking the life force out of someone in Outcasts #2.

Zombie (DC) – Bane – Conquest #9

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