408) Spike Protrusion

Spike Protrusion – The ability to cause needles/spikes to protrude from the body.  Spike Protrusion is also known as Quill Protrusion and Spike Generation.

Literary Critique of Spike Protrusion 

In Jimmy Olsen V1 65, Jimmy Olsen (DC) was temporarily a human porcupine.

Spike Portrusion-Jimmy Olsen as Human Porcupine-Superman's Pal #65

The Porcupine (Marvel) created a battle suit that imitated this power.

Spike Portrusion-Porcupine (Marvel)

Quill (Marvel) has this superpower.

Spike Portrusion-Quill (Marvel)

Raina (Marvel) was in the TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Spyke (Marvel) was a character in the TV show X-Men: Evolution.

Angirus (Godzila)

Krystalak (Godzilla)

Varan (Godzilla)


Cactus Cats




Irving the Living Cactus (Savage Dragon)

Horridus (Savage Dragon)


Bladeling – TSR 2166 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 3


Needleman – TSR 2166 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 3


Quillbeast – Creature Collection III. Savage Bestiary


Space Ranger (DC) fights a Mercurian Quill Thrower in Tales of the Unexpected V1 #51.


Sunfiend – Creature Collection III. Savage Bestiary


Thorn (Wildstorm) – Cyberforce-Sourcebook #2


Ultimate Cannonball (Ben 10)


Spikor (He-Man) in Mini Comic Spikor Strikes.


Dartalon (DC) throws some quills in Wanderers #1.

Aquaman (DC) uses a sea porcupine to shoot down a balloon with quills in World’s Finest Comics V1 #144. There are fish with quills but fish cannot shoot quills in the real world.

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