408) Spike Protrusion

Spike Protrusion – The ability to cause needles/spikes to protrude from the body.  Spike Protrusion is also known as Quill Protrusion and Spike Generation.

In Jimmy Olsen V1 65, Jimmy Olsen (DC) was temporarily a human porcupine.

Spike Portrusion-Jimmy Olsen as Human Porcupine-Superman's Pal #65

The Porcupine (Marvel) created a battle suit that imitated this power.

Spike Portrusion-Porcupine (Marvel)

Quill (Marvel) has this superpower.

Spike Portrusion-Quill (Marvel)

Raina (Marvel) was in the TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Spyke (Marvel) was a character in the TV show X-Men: Evolution.

Angirus (Godzila)

Krystalak (Godzilla)

Varan (Godzilla)


Cactus Cats




Irving the Living Cactus (Savage Dragon)

Horridus (Savage Dragon)


Bladeling – TSR 2166 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 3


Needleman – TSR 2166 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 3


Quillbeast – Creature Collection III. Savage Bestiary


Space Ranger (DC) fights a Mercurian Quill Thrower in Tales of the Unexpected V1 #51.


Sunfiend – Creature Collection III. Savage Bestiary


Thorn (Wildstorm) – Cyberforce-Sourcebook #2


Ultimate Cannonball (Ben 10)


Spikor (He-Man) in Mini Comic Spikor Strikes.


Dartalon (DC) throws some quills in Wanderers #1.

Aquaman (DC) uses a sea porcupine to shoot down a balloon with quills in World’s Finest Comics V1 #144. There are fish with quills but fish cannot shoot quills in the real world.

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