436) Sword Manipulation

Sword Manipulation – The ability to use a sword to achieve superhuman feats whether due to the skill of the sword user and/or special characteristics of the sword.  Sword Manipulations is also known as Blade Control, Blade Dominion, Blade Manipulation, Blade Mastery, Spathíkinesis, Sword Control, Sword Dominion and Sword Mastery.  A subcategory of (490) Weapon Manipulation. Other weapons include (049) Arrow Manipulation, (060) Axe Manipulation, (079) Bow Manipulation, (176) Everyday Object Weaponization, (205) Hammer Manipulation, (259) Mace Manipulation, (407) Spear Manipulation, 448) Thrown Weapon and (494) Whip Manipulation.  (490) Weapon Manipulation is a subcategory of (350) Power Bestowal (objects).

Literary Critique of Sword Manipulation 

Merlin (Marvel) created the Ebony Sword (Marvel Super-Heroes V1 #17).

Valkyrie (Marvel) fights with Dragonfang which was made from the tusk of an extradimensional dragon in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #15.


Captain Britain (Marvel) wielded Excalibur (Marvel) at one point.

In Camelot 3000, King Arthur (DC) shows up in the years 3000 AD with Excalibur (DC) to fight aliens.

The Ystina (DC) version of the Shining Knight is one of the Seven Soldiers of Victory created by Grant Morrison.  This version of the Shining Knight stole Excalibur!

Dragonsword was a backup story in Warlord (DC) and the warrior Thron gained powers when he used the Dragonsword.

He-Man (Masters of the Universe) fights with a Power Sword and there are any number of toy swords out there!

Lion-O (Thundercats) uses the Sword of Omens and Claw Shield and you can even buy a toy one!

The “Sword of Omens vs Excalibur” in ThunderCats V1 #20.

Nightmaster (DC) has the magical sword named Sword of Night which has various powers in DC Who’s Who V1 #16.

Deathstroke (DC) receives the God-Killer from Hephaestus in Deathstroke V3 #7.

Star Wars has a plethora of lightsabers.

Drakon the Destrier – 2000 AD #873

Durendal Sword – Mystik U #2 (DC)

Excalibur -Slaine – “The Treasures of Britain” – 2000 AD #1004

Maestros #4 (Image)

Muramasa Blade (Marvel) – All-New Wolverine #26

Surtur’s Twilight SwordThanos #15 (Marvel)

Tharg’s Future Shocks – “Hot Iron” – 2000 AD #797

VampBlade (Action Lab) – Danger Doll Squad #3 (2017)

Trading Card Games have many swords.

Butterfly Swords

Crystal Katana

Crystal Sword


Dragons Bane

Dragon’s Blade

Dragon’s Claw Katana

Dragon’s Claw

Fire Sword


Greatsword of Horrid Dreams

Master Swordsman

One Thousand Swords


Shadow Blade

Shaolin Swordsman

Sidrissian Soul Blade

Sister Swords

Soul Sword

Sword of the Dragon King

Sword Smith Hanso

Sword Stalker

Swords of Heaven

Swords of Revealing Light

Swords Women


Swordsman in Training

Swordsman of Landstar

The Swords Unite

Thunder Swordsman

Tiger Hook Swords

Twin Samurai Swords

Wandering Swordsman

Water Sword Standard


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