275) Memetic Manipulation

Memetic Manipulation – The ability to manipulate memes. This is the ability to exploit the semantic content of the message.   This is not a media-based power like sound manipulation (voice).

The Hate Monger (Marvel), as Hitler, had this power as Mein Kampf proved (Fantastic Four V1 #21).

Memetic Manipulation–Hate Monger as Hitler-Fantastic Four V1 #21

In Memetic (Boom), a meme of sloth with a hypnotic spiral in the background creates merged humans.

Memetic Manipulation-Memetic #1-34 Memetic Manipulation-Memetic #2-35

In The Tomorrows (Dark Horse), the corporation runs a culture machine that uses memes as a tool to fight counterculture.

Memetic Manipulation-The Tomorrows #3 (2015)-1 Memetic Manipulation-The Tomorrows #3 (2015)-11

Aliens plan to conquer the Earth using television in “Tales of the Watcher: The Unsuspecting”, Silver Surfer V1 #6.

memetic-manipulation-silver-surfer-v1-6-0 memetic-manipulation-silver-surfer-v1-6-1

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