275) Memetic Manipulation

Memetic Manipulation – The ability to manipulate memes. This is the ability to exploit the semantic content of the message.

Literary Critique of

Symbolic memetics might be tool that could be used to make memetic manipulation more efficient.  This is not a media-based power like (405)Sound Manipulation (voice).  The Hate Monger (Marvel), as Hitler, had this power as Mein Kampf proved (Fantastic Four V1 #21).

Memetic Manipulation–Hate Monger as Hitler-Fantastic Four V1 #21

In Memetic (Boom), a meme of sloth with a hypnotic spiral in the background creates merged humans.

Memetic Manipulation-Memetic #1-34 Memetic Manipulation-Memetic #2-35

In The Tomorrows (Dark Horse), the corporation runs a culture machine that uses memes as a tool to fight counterculture.

Memetic Manipulation-The Tomorrows #3 (2015)-1 Memetic Manipulation-The Tomorrows #3 (2015)-11

Aliens plan to conquer the Earth using television in “Tales of the Watcher: The Unsuspecting”, Silver Surfer V1 #6.

memetic-manipulation-silver-surfer-v1-6-0 memetic-manipulation-silver-surfer-v1-6-1

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