113) Crystal Manipulation

Crystal Manipulation – The ability to manipulate crystals. Crystal Manipulation is also known as Crystal Bending, Crystal Control, Crystal Release (晶遁, Shōton), Crystalline Solid Manipulation, and Crystallokinesis.

Literary Critique of Crystal Manipulation 

King Bumi (Avatar) can encase enemies in crystal.

Crystal Manipulation-King Bumi-Avatar-Jennamite

Superboy gains Diamond Vision in Annual Superboy #1.


Crystals are much more popular in Trade Card Games than in comic books.

Crystal (Calliope)

Crystal (Clio)

Crystal (Erato)

Crystal (Euterpe)

Crystal (Melpomene)

Crystal (Terpsichore)

Crystal Ball

Crystal Boar

Crystal Flame

Crystal Jouster

Crystal Lancer

Crystal Memory

Crystal Mine

Crystal of the Ebon Flame

Crystal Paladin

Crystal Rampart

Crystal Spinslicer

Crystal Tear

Crystal Trap

Crystal Wall

Dome of the Crystal Seers

Force Crystal

Meditation Crystal

Mind Jewel

Nightsister Force Crystal

Red Color Crystal

Sailor Moon Item Dark Crystal Wedge South

Sailor Moon Item Dark Crystal

Sailor Moon Item Imperium Silver Crystal

Sailor Moon Item Negaverse Crystal

Sailor Moon Item Rainbow Crystal

The Crystal Skull


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