(000) Super Intelligence – Intrapersonal

I am in a state of Pon Farr! Kim Eun Ji shares her name with many and old I calculate and I like want younger. Well Kim serves the function of template and her posterior is awesome and I like the muscles but in my experience muscles are at the expense of brain! There are of course exceptions to every rule. I do not want to fight with a woman at this stage of the chess game of life. Not the beginning game but the middle or the end. I think the middle and long struggle follows! Yuck! I see no easy checkmate to the minions of chaos! The women of Korea like to fix men, reform men. I am not broken but yes different can you appreciate great diversity and not make me square to fit a square hole. I am looking for a woman with round hole not square hole in the middle of legs! LOL! I think the Chinese and Japanese appreciate a kitsune more!

The stories of Korea portray me as evil. Evil! I am lawful and orderly. Organized and wish to organize and need help in this great matter not conversion to Christianity or Buddhism or Communism or Socialism or any existing -ism for they have all failed. My -sim? Organism if a name must be made!

I am agnostic not atheist and need a woman that understands that I understand but choose the path I choose. I go my way and you are free to go your way. A large Catholic wedding would be nice for marketing purposes but not totally necessary to create a virtual school, Asian Union and generally organize the human species for living in ca-ca does no one any good!
This not this!
No science gone amuck for me. We have enough technology and need to use what we have in a more organized manner recycle, reuse, reduce and yes also repurpose from war to peace! Am I really so hard to understand? Perhaps this is a miscommunication problem. I must explain again but differently? I am taxed brothers and sisters but in a strange way pon farr (Star Trek) makes me more determined and I enjoy the challenge!
Not a very good video but have no time to make YouTubes. Perhaps an beautiful woman or women can understand this Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein

















Next 422) Superhuman Leaping

My type right now in a state of pon farr (Star Trek)!

Potential Release!
Ruri Saijo!
I have not forgotten! Ruri did masterpieces of womanly movement. Kim well who prefers a woman sweating to a woman making love and dancing. Not I said the Fox. Self knowledge kind of a big deal for happiness and yes happiness for me is the goal. I think Kim and I will fight and fight and we rarely couple. I am no Superman to Wonder Woman! I am man and want a woman passive and obedient. Yes I have spoken my truth for me! Wonder Woman versus Superman? No one wins for man lays on the bed and woman is the bed. The rooster crows and the hen has eggs. I care care not for fat sows that breed and do not work or those with impudent faces! I want a woman

Back to business with wound of groin! I am horny! Gee I never said I was a holy man or that I remember! Dear Whoever, Can Sexy and Fox meet? I do not travel for business first for me always! I am the ultimate what organization man! Company man. Salary man. I sell! I communicate! I send up the smoke signals make the rain whatever is needed. First contact with the Cambodians goes well. I do work on Friday! Look this is a photo op that will relieve you boredom and mine. Money! You can make money dear. Have you aged well? I think not so send a younger sister or replicate. I am a ends guy not a means guy. I am logical not compassionate. Well you asked so I answer would you prefer a lie? I can lie and with skill but prefer truth for lying is messy and a web. I saw a web today but no spider? Design? I ramble. Passion is painful but also a fun pain in a way! Lets see who wins! I win! I generally win. What do you WANT sister for we can haggle. Ok not sister of blood for this in unlawful and bad from a genetic POV as well more importantly. A sister as natural ally. I deduce I am rich or soon will be or whatever. I can play the part of ATM machine within limits if yes you play the part of maid is sexy outfit, oh all sorts of sick stuff but lets play for the reality is tooo crude. A video to amuse!

Shera? Well Shera is preferable to Wonder Woman to the Fox at least for I like flying horses and fantasy women not science fiction women. Well I take what I can get but fat lazy sows and women that stare and bark? I am like a cat and can do without! Oh she is friends with the magic horse. Well I am fox and she can ride me any time! Humans will never ride the horse. This is amusing chatter! Freedom or slavery and the horses pick freedom! Well freedom is chaos. Slavery order. But I am not consistent and prefer freedom orderly to slavery that inevitably leads to death and flame. Governance organized. Democracy orderly. I care not for words false and contrary to sense and observation of mine and I have seen a lot and read a lot and yes judge myself more intelligent than most. There I said it! LOL! If women are useless in their society then why would I welcome them to the ark of the Asian Union. Appeals to compassion? I am not that man and this has been tried before and does not work again and again. I grow angry and must stop! Sayonara Nippon and send a porn star for Edgar angers me. Of course Nippon spies on him. Nippon is a kitsune of sorts and we calculate and act much the same. Do the nippon have kitsune blood? I would say yes but do not care! Well a little! I think the Filipinas prefer She-Ra to Wonder Woman and perhaps my first wife will be Filipina!

I wish not monster children and am Caucasian in hardware and with Han blood we will have amazing diversity. Of course I will cheat on you and you on me but with respect sister Han! Always respect and yes we can play act ooh sicko stuff. I punish you and you bite me but please no blood or defecation. Some Koans I have solved today!
Mali is not Mali but a focus point or nexus or whatever! The reason Cambodians wear long sleeves while hot is to provide protection from sun, pollution, men, and fire! I think the Cambodians do and do not think about doing. I think and think about thinking. We are both incomplete but can work as a team well with respect and yes mutual profit! I want my cut. A beak wetted! Whatever. If not then I get angry and this serves no purpose. I champion order, order, order! My counterpoint is chaos. Some words! Creative destruction!
Someone else destroys and through burning with orange hair allows me to create! Yes, a new world order! Organized crime is preferable to hoodlums and others who I will not name for I do not need more enemies. Organized computers are preferable to those with broken, fragmented hard disk drives!

I tire and will use images of Ruri and Kim Eun Ji but with better legs and in truth a composite. I prefer the hardware of Kim and the software of Ruri. Surely such a woman exists NOW is the Asia Union to be! Ok one more video!

Of course the ones that are ET use the language of music and math combined. Of course! Localized dharma drum I deduce. I struggle with my humanity but overcome! I give up for now! Lust is not an easy task master! Where are you Ruri or Kim or all the women in Asia or none! I must go! We are in the middle of the Milky Way. The old ones tachyons in the center. The young ones near the periphery! I can still spell. I am proud and why would I not be? False pride sin but pride born of logic over lust? Bye, bye, bye! Tomorrow I start again! I take a chance with Dell updates but deduce the sentient internet is an ally. Well we shall see for I have a backup already!

Signs of the End of the Word

“Societal Views” part is wrong of “End of Days” needs editing. The Buddhists are good not heathens. This is the 21st Century not the middle ages. We must learn from each other. Interfaith good, crusades bad! I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN AND LIKE THE BUDDHIST MONKS! The Buddhist monk are a little too detached from the current reality but a good lot all in all!

Well fairy tales are fairy tales and I wonder in the dark?