373) Reincarnation (others)

Reincarnation (others) – The ability to control the reincarnation of others.  Reincarnation (others) is also known as Rebirth Control, Reincarnation Control and Reincarnation Manipulation.

Literary Critique of Reincarnation (others)

Sandman (Vertigo) had condemned Nada to hell (Sandman #3).

Reincarnation (others)–Nada reincarnated by Sandman #3

Sandman regrets his decision, releases her from hell and makes sure Nada has a good reincarnation as a boy in China (Sandman #7).

Reincarnation (others)–Nada reincarnated by Sandman #7

The Three Witches (Vertigo) have the ability to reincarnate a person as a punishment and do this to Cooth in Witchcraft #3.

Kobra (DC) – Bane-Conquest #6

In Ancient Egypt, the Egyptian gods determined the circumstances of your rebirth based on your judgement of a scale.

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