373) Reincarnation (others)

Reincarnation (others) – The ability to control the reincarnation of others.  Reincarnation (others) is also known as Rebirth Control, Reincarnation Control and Reincarnation Manipulation.

Sandman (Vertigo) had condemned Nada to hell (Sandman #3).

Reincarnation (others)–Nada reincarnated by Sandman #3

Sandman regrets his decision, releases her from hell and makes sure Nada has a good reincarnation as a boy in China (Sandman #7).

Reincarnation (others)–Nada reincarnated by Sandman #7

The Three Witches (Vertigo) have the ability to reincarnate a person as a punishment and do this to Cooth in Witchcraft #3.

Kobra (DC) – Bane-Conquest #6

In Ancient Egypt, the Egyptian gods determined the circumstances of your rebirth based on your judgement of a scale.

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