487) Water Manipulation

Water Manipulation – The ability to control water including but not limited to making constructs from water.  Water Manipulation is also known as Aquakinesis , H2O Manipulation, Hydrokinesis, Oxydan Manipulation and Water Element Control.

Literary Critique of Water Manipulation 

Mera (DC) is a deadly combatant with water as shown in Mera: Queen of Atlantis #6 (2018).


Aquaman (DC) does not have the ability to manipulate water like his wife Mera.  In the Silver Age, Aqualad (DC) more or less had the same powers as Aquaman.  Later Aqualad became Tempest (DC) and could manipulate water.

In the Young Justice version of Aqualad, his appearance changed and he could make swords out of water among other things.

The Cartoon Network TV series Teen Titans Go!, has a version of Aqualad that looks like the Silver Age version but can manipulate water.

Tsunami (DC) can create tidal waves (DC Who’s Who V1 #24).

Water manipulation-Tsunami-DC Who's Who V1 #24

Water Wizard aka Aqueduct (Marvel) in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V2 #14.

Sea Witch (Marvel) is one of the Young Gods in Spectacular Spider-Man Annual V1 #8.

Aspen Mathews – Aspen Universe – Sourcebook #1 (2016)


Riptide (Image) in Youngblood Battlezone #2.


Man-O-War (Image) – Freedom Force #2

Water Hazard (Ben 10)


Trading Card Games including many cards dealing with water manipulation.

Aqua 16 Sudden Waterspout

Aqua 29 Sprinkle Water of Tranquility

Aqua 31 Administer Water of Immortality

Aqua 32 Chosen of Water

Conjured Sparkling Water

Water Cannon Brigade

Water Kata

Water Lasso

Water Magician

Water Shield

Water Whirl

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