273) Matter Ingestion

Matter Ingestion – The ability to consume many sorts of matter without any ill effects on the user.  Matter Ingestion is also known as Ingestive Adaptation, Omniphagy, Omnivore, Pamphagia, Panphagia, Pantophagia, Super Eating and Superhuman Digestion.

Literary Critique of Matter Ingestion 

Since this list focuses on superpowers as plot devices above and beyond an in-universe perspective, I also include interesting plots involving eating and characters with interesting diets in this article.  Matter-Lad (DC) has this power and this is his only superpower.  Superman (DC) had better pray Matter-Lad never becomes a zombie.

Matter ingestion–Matter Lad-Adventure V1 #303

Matter Lad goes insane after eating the Miracle Machine in Legion of Super-Heroes V1 #251.

Matter ingestion–Matter Lad Insane-Legion of Super-Heroes V1 #251

The Shi’ar Imperial Guard Glom (Marvel) is a pastiche of Matter-Lad and Slimer (Ghostbusters).


In Action Comics V1 #454, Superman eats a zillion hamburgers.

Matter Ingestion–Superman eats burgers-Action Comics V1 #454

In New Super-Man #5 (DC), the New Super-Man eats a lot of Chinese food.  Will he be hungry an hour later?


Superman eats Kryptonite in the Sandman Saga (Superman V1 #233).

Matter Ingestion–Superman eats Kryptonite-Superman V1 #233

Doctor Odd ingests an enemy in Pantheon #12 (Lone Star Press).

Matter Ingestion-Doctor Odd-Pantheon #12 (Lone Star Press)

The Aurumkvorax can eat gold in TSR 2140A Monstrous Manual.


Charfiend – Creature Collection I


Dalmosh – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual V


Demon Scum – Cyberforce – Sourcebook #2


Eatle – Ben 10


Gauntling – Creature Collection II. Dark Menagerie


Korumbu (Marvel) causes a man to be able to eat as much as he likes or in this does not like in Journey into Mystery V1 #64.

matter-ingestion-korumbu-journey-into-mystery-v1-64-23 matter-ingestion-korumbu-journey-into-mystery-v1-64-24

Jimmy Olsen (DC) can eat just about anything in Jimmy Olsen #38.


Flesh – “The Legend of Shamana” – 2000 AD #806

Human Anaconda – Outcasts #2

Jimmy Olsen – “The Human Metal Eater” – Superman’s Pal #68

Judge Dredd – “Christmas with Attitude” – 2000 AD #815

Judge Dredd – “Fast Food” – 2000 AD #1056

Pulp Sci-Fi – “Best Possible Taste” – 2000 AD #1121

Goat (Image) – Hero Camp #3

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