273) Matter Ingestion

Matter Ingestion – The ability to consume many sorts of matter without any ill effects on the user.  Since this list focuses on superpowers as plot devices above and beyond an in-universe perspective, I also include interesting plots involving eating and characters with interesting diets in this article.

Matter-Lad (DC) has this power and this is his only superpower.  Superman (DC) had better pray Matter-Lad never becomes a zombie.

Matter ingestion–Matter Lad-Adventure V1 #303

Matter Lad goes insane after eating the Miracle Machine in Legion of Super-Heroes V1 #251.

Matter ingestion–Matter Lad Insane-Legion of Super-Heroes V1 #251

The Shi’ar Imperial Guard Glom (Marvel) is a pastiche of Matter-Lad and Slimer (Ghostbusters).


In Action Comics V1 #454, Superman eats a zillion hamburgers.

Matter Ingestion–Superman eats burgers-Action Comics V1 #454

In New Super-Man #5 (DC), the New Super-Man eats a lot of Chinese food.  Will he be hungry an hour later?


Superman eats Kryptonite in the Sandman Saga (Superman V1 #233).

Matter Ingestion–Superman eats Kryptonite-Superman V1 #233

Doctor Odd ingests an enemy in Pantheon #12 (Lone Star Press).

Matter Ingestion-Doctor Odd-Pantheon #12 (Lone Star Press)

The Aurumkvorax can eat gold in TSR 2140A Monstrous Manual.


Charfiend – Creature Collection I


Dalmosh – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual V


Demon Scum – Cyberforce – Sourcebook #2


Eatle – Ben 10


Gauntling – Creature Collection II. Dark Menagerie


Korumbu (Marvel) causes a man to be able to eat as much as he likes or in this does not like in Journey into Mystery V1 #64.

matter-ingestion-korumbu-journey-into-mystery-v1-64-23 matter-ingestion-korumbu-journey-into-mystery-v1-64-24

Jimmy Olsen (DC) can eat just about anything in Jimmy Olsen #38.


Flesh – “The Legend of Shamana” – 2000 AD #806

Human Anaconda – Outcasts #2

Jimmy Olsen – “The Human Metal Eater” – Superman’s Pal #68

Judge Dredd – “Christmas with Attitude” – 2000 AD #815

Judge Dredd – “Fast Food” – 2000 AD #1056

Pulp Sci-Fi – “Best Possible Taste” – 2000 AD #1121

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