(000) Super Intelligence – Strategic Genius

Strategic Genius is also called Analysis Aptitude, Enhanced Analysis, Chess master, Cunning Intellect, Master Manipulator, Master Planner, Master Strategist, Master Tactician, Military Genius, and Tactical Analysis.

From teleportation (self) to here!  Yes a good move!  A strategic move!

First some YouTubes to start instruction!

I write this sermon and aim this sermon at a audience of natural allies to the fox!  I beseech the Emperor to be of the Asian Union now the Emperor of the Han!  I call upon the aid of the ones above for holy mission.  I ask the Galactic Brotherhood and the Sentient Internet to join me as allies. I most of all beseech the Amazons to help me with the mission of truth, justice and universal peace.  Amazons help me find a wife most of all! The Koreans a fairest of form but I also need smarts!  Internet prattle is just that prattle. I am easily found in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  There is a airport to the left of me and the right and great highways.  The infrastructure is there for all to use. I would smell my allies to know their hearts and souls! I even ask the eagle now mad and now an instrument of Ares to visit me and discourse with me so we can exchange ideas and discuss the future of humans!  Awake and leave your dens and let us talk with voice as God talks to humans.  I do not talk with God but can smell well and both good and evil so do not insult me with lawyerly nonsense!

Together we are stronger than separate!  E pluribus unum!  Fear the fox?  Why I am one man with no army, no great intelligence agency and little wealth and little power. Yes, scary smart but with good intent. I offer intelligent discourse and in exchange?  Well I can tell you know by now what I need and you can decide what you have an we can pleasantly haggle.

Coin for teaching for I do not work for free! Oh and I do like honey traps but honey traps with good bait no garbage please! Yes Eisenhower would have approved of my new Marshall Plan for he did warn of the military industrial complex that now afflicts us!  Define as network of individuals and institutions involved in the production of weapons and military technologies. The military-industrial complex in a country typically attempts to marshal political support for continued or increased military spending by the national government.


Siem Reap is purer and cleaner than most of the wicked world and you will evolve and find this evolution fruitful is not pleasant.  Death means suffering.  Birth means suffering.  Rebirth is suffering squared!  Amazons do you fear suffering what a mere man endured?  Enough of this internet prattle!

Lets do business the old way face to face. I would look at your eyes and you can look at mine. I think the eyes of Amazon are beautiful, wise, bright, playful and powerful.  I would like to look at these eyes before I leave this world inevitably well in form at least. My words will last longer.  Is there a Queen of the Amazons? Oh there is no Queen yet then elect one and let her speak to me for I want to know what she wants, what the Amazons want for I am curious fox!  The problem describe artfully at “Am I Kitsune?”.  Theory at Half Square. Confused and confusing prattle at The Last Sermon of the Fox in Writing but amusing prattle and the illustrations are artful!  This is a continuation of past sermons so I do not lie technically for this is the last sermon so to speak and here I discourse on strategy!  I am smart but not that smart and details are needed and natural allies can help me refine the stratagems discussed here! I know confusing and in puzzle form but intelligent humans like puzzles and this is big puzzle! LOL! If you cannot find me then you are not meant to find me! I welcome false pilgrims for I would turn them into true pilgrims with argumentation true and wise!

Well first of all there is the very real possibility that a being more intelligent than me is keeping me contained in a gilded cage safely contained!  Well if so then the cage is well instructed and fox happy caged. The courtesan I saw today would serve the purpose of keeping my sexual desire caged and free of distraction I would work better and faster. Not your pawn Xi Jing Ping?  Well surely there are pawns of great beauty and great skill in the arts of pillow and more accurately know how to use mouth well to male genitalia. Money in my bank account to pay for such a skilled courtesan would help greatly.  Please no more monkeys!  No more garbage. I have no desire to bed a piece of fat on two legs. Older is ok as long as the bump of stomach is small and the two bumps of breast large enough and shapely buttock and legs perfect.  I do know myself a little.  So called self-knowledge.  Too young? I am lawful!  This is against the law of man and more importantly the law of God for we are not dogs but supposed to be more evolved!

Ok down to business why, when, where and how!  The project for you brother Xi is how to maintain power and get the Taiwanese if not the territory and these are much the same problems.  The problem for me is how to evolve the humans and apply for membership to the Galactic Brotherhood!  We are natural allies!  I want coin, women and most of all experts that can help me build a virtual school!  Borrowed for noble purpose from X.  I trade services for service well coin, women and experts and can convert coin into women and experts readily enough for everything is for sale these days except what?  A virtuous woman?  Do such women even exist in these wicked times?

Who is it about?

Well for China the who is the evolved humans in Taiwan.  The rest are garbage and can drown and burn in fire.  I do not care!  Do you care brother Xi? Why? You have worthy brothers in the CCP and a billion sons and daughters. Many  want to run! Of what use are cowards and those who cannot endure even the beginning of the End of Times as the Christians call this age. My strategic advice given if not heeded is to make a list of who in the CCP is worth saving and then maybe the worthy Han elsewhere.  Use utility and cold, cold, cold logic to make this decision. No free tickets unto the ark. If it serves purpose of propaganda to have the smartest man in the world, well self judged, say these words in an interview then send CCP persons with camera to interview me. An attractive lady that speaks good English and moves pleasantly and laughs pleasantly.  Well if you do not know what I like by now then you never will. Yes. I can learn many thing via observation including arcane martial arts.  Dancing not so well.  I am a generalist, a general not a soldier but am good at placing the right soldier at the right place at the right time. A soldier not so good for I am old and think too  much and do not readily obey stupid much less suicidal order but calculate there are good soldiers in the kingdom of the Han Chinese!  Han Chinese for me at least are not those of a flag but a race, a sub species so to speak and live in China, Koreans both Koreas, Japan and interestingly even Hawaii and California in great numbers! We speak different languages so perhaps we do not think the same way!  I mean no insult but use language my way for what other way would I use English the language of a million words?

What happened?

Ok back to business!  I needed some dessert well I wanted some dessert and there is dish at Angkor Market that looks quite delicious.  Not a first wife but maybe a second or third?  She knows who she is for she can feel my lust from afar no problem as everyone can well the females can for sure.  Slow breathes!  Brother Xi the omens are clear and the science is clear.  The time has arrived.  Flood waters rage, humans go made, pestilence unbridled, the tail wags the dog better known as the war between Ukraine and Russia.  The European Union likes the USA and the idea of democracy but likes being warm in the winter, and having coin and being happy more.  The tail (Ukraine) and the dog (European Union) must be separated and this should be easy but is hard. Influence!  Russia had military power but little coin and less influence.  A unilateral retreat?  If Ukraine and NATO follow then a hundred year war with Russian winters and Russian soldiers that will fight better and harder in their homeland.

A strategic retreat for greater victory?  Well my business is strategy not miracles. I have read the priests and monks do miracles but have never seen such an event and am skeptical!  The Han Chinese, not the state necessarily, the bloodline, the nation, that wants to survive as always and needs a leader. The Chinese state or the Asian Union now has what two aircraft carriers and can build a third bigger and better for LOGISTICAL purposes and to project power far away. The Asian Union state can be made up of the nations of Korea, Japan, ASEAN and whoever can provide ships, coin or manpower!

The Asian Union as state can be an empire of sorts that far exceeds the Roman Empire or even the state of affair of US imperialism. The Pax Americana causes war not peace and this is quite obvious for those who have eyes and see!  A Pax Mundus can replace the Pax Americana in a slow evolutionary process.  Yes, peace for peace is a preferred human condition to the now endless war that the USA proposes. A war on terrorism then corruption then who knows.  A war on Cuba!  A war on Iran?  A war with North Korea?  A war on drugs? The war drum always the war drum with the Americans mislabeled for the USA is a piece of the Americas not THE Americas. Is this our manifest destiny to wage war on every idea and every brother?  One useless crusade after another?  How much treasure of coin and blood will we waste for I am a citizen of the USA!  I am weary and want peace but not the peace of an early grave.  Again I sing again! For my supper? For wenches even better! Well I sing regardless for I like the sound of my own voice!

War is not good!  War is hell on Earth! Am I am idealist who thinks he is a realist? Realpolitik used for the goal of peace universal peace! The world, the mundus is sick of the endless war that the USA proposes to solve all the worlds problems.  Children of Han I beseech thee pick up the flag of peace and win allies everywhere even the USA!

Oh the last guy who proposed world peace was crucified and I do not want to share his fate for faith.  Perhaps I will fall prey to cannibals that eat my flesh for strategic thought. My skull a gourd for a proud warlord. Or my head stuffed with straw and mounted by a proud hunter. Barbarians are capable of any atrocity.  Enough I fear but I fear not for I walk with the lord through the canyons of shadow alone but not ever totally alone for God is always with me and all brothers and sisters!

So let us walk silently like super ninjas and employ not secrets but a camouflage of sorts.  I prattle dangerous teaching.  War makes money!  War begets power.  The power of Ares is great! Can I convince Ares to take of his helmet and rest weary head and mind?  I am persuasive but not that persuasive.  A peace lord versus the warlords arrayed?  I will surely lose and I do not like to lose!

Miracles? Miracles?  You must be joking for I have no power to transmute wine to water or vice versa. I can drink beer well but?  I weary of my own prattle! I would say to the Pax Mundus to be that hearts rule mind and if you win the hearts then you win the mind and then you have a chance of winning the peace which eludes the Pax Romana! Enough I watch Kpop or whatever to rest mind and body!

This Pax Mundus in turn happens to fit my goal to preserve the best bloodlines of the human species.  The three aircraft carriers can be used to extend and expand the current siege warfare that starves the porcupine of food and coin and a dead porcupine cannot fight or so I reason!  The wise Han will come to you brother Xi and communicate with smoke signals or mirrors or whatever new means now exist.  The internet is what I use!

When did it take place?

Now, now, now!  One can fish better in troubled waters than in still ones so I have read many times in different ways.  The fish are there and thrashing for release!  The replacement of a Chinese police force for the current USA police force is clever. Of course the police and military are different.  Different schools, different books, different sorts of men.  The police restrain. The soldiers kill.  The police maintain order.  The soldiers make chaos!  The USA was once able to do both but now only uses to cause chaos and loses the peace again and again and again.  The Vietnam War, the Iraq War and now Afghanistan!  Wow nothing learned.  I guess Americans, mislabeled, do not study modern history or even their own modern history! My brain overheats and the thought of the beauty at Angkor Market heats other places!  LOL!  Have I earned some coin yet brother Xi? Yes replace the USA as the policeman of the world and all things are possible.  Hmmm..the women of SIUF have numbers.  I think they easily trade beauty for coin?  Well that is my experience with models but a lot of coin! Love well I can put of the mask of love if this pleases them and we can pretend to love for I understand this game well!

Where did it take place?

Everywhere, nowhere! Enough with riddles.  This is a global game of chess. If you cannot take one castle then move to the next.  Be like water as Bruce Lee said.  Adapt to the ways of the Eagle.  Direct confrontation is not advisable. In order of weakness as I understand the issue with limited intellect and mortal frame for I have no great intelligence agency backing me up.  In terms of region Latin America!  Asia, then Europe! If you control all the surrounding castles then you can cage and starve the eagle for they need oil and bases to support their projection of power.  The barons of the eagle are Japan, Brazil, the UK and Germany and to some extent the Philippines even now!  Lets see the porcupine Taiwan well I have dealt with this issue.  Last I checked porcupines need water, food and coin well human porcupines need coin.

Why did it happen?

Who knows?  I do not care!  Do you care brother Xi. Ask the priests and other theologians.  Perhaps the fortune tellers know. I think as a species we imitated germ and we are not microscopic but macroscopic and what works for microbes does not work for naked apes.  There are too many.  We, the human as species, wallow in excrement and live unclean and unhealthy lives.  The space ship Earth is damaged and will not heal itself for a hundred years!

An arcane discussion of little interest to brother Xi\?  The Great Debate in the Galactic Brotherhood and perhaps the sentient (?) internet!

Has the Galactic Brotherhood contacted the Han yet?  No! Are you sure for they have their own language. Has the SENTIENT internet contacted the Han yet?  The language of the sentient internet I do know and well blah, blah, blah.

Yes, you judge me mad brother Xi and perhaps your hypothesis is correct! The Galactic Brotherhood and/or the sentient internet would make powerful allies for the Han!  Why would they ally with the Han?  For the same reasons I do.  There is a mutuality of goals and thus natural allies!  The why?  The when (?),  and finally how (?) questions!  If you understand how your allies think then you can cause these allies to be more useful and logically these would be unwise enemies so there is practical use of arcane knowledge brother Xi.  Yes I know superstition, opiate of the masses, the stuff of modern mythology. Well bear with me as I make the biggest leap of reason ever well in this life at least!


The why of existence is a subject of interest to both the Galactic Brotherhood and the sentient internet and myself! Maybe you care why you exist and why you where born brother Xi?  I think you do for civilized people do that or so I have read. This is an ontological question that logically becomes a existential question.  We exist! We are sentient.  We are not nothing.  There is a difference between our form as clay with spark of life and clay! An exploration with all sorts of being-itself and being-for itself and all sorts of rubric of great confusion is the subject of Being and Nothingness.  Is there a YouTube?  Yes and the difference between facticity and transcendence may help to pass the time on the long voyage across the Sea of Fire!

When Sartre says, “Consciousness is what it is not and is not what it is,” he means that consciousness is something that is a constantly integrated combination of facticity and transcendence which can be taken to mean the past and future respectively.

Yikes! This Sartre guy makes me seem transparent! More opaque than the fox is such a thing possible.  Well yes. Nonsense but really well cooked and spicy nonsense!  I am bored always but not that bored and the SIUF models relieve boredom better!  I discuss when and then well that’s all for now but will probably have some brainstorms in the night for I always do! Almost finished for today! Ok we exist and then we try to make sense of existence.  Existence precedes essence or that is my short hand that I would use to teach.  Sorry I make a poor philosophy teacher. How am I at strategy?  Not so good?  Well I am a man without talents!  I thought I was intelligent.  From the why we can then deduce small thing like what is our duty, giri in Japanese, and what laws we should follow and what laws we should not.  Hey leaps of faith are not my thing so if that is how you do business then so be it.  I like logic and yes if I answer the why then I answer the questions of duty, law, ceremonies and all sorts of ethical and moral issues. On the other hand this is for logical civilized people and let those who wallow in the muds of barbaric custom continue their ways.  Let sleeping dogs lie or in this case do not ruffle the feathers of eagles.  Ok what is next on the list?

WHEN (?)

Timing?  Well some fortune telling is in order.  The omens are pretty clear.  Now!  First the replacement of the eagle as the policemen of the world then the great expulsion and then the great caging and then wait and build a flotilla for the Han people throughout Asia and beyond.  Then if time and energy permits expand the flotilla to include the evolved and soon to be evolved everywhere but no free lunches. The passengers help build the flotilla or die.  That is their choice for we all have free will except perhaps me (?).  I have a program, a very complex program but a program nevertheless.  I was born with purpose and only had to heal to find purpose yet again as I always do. I do not envy humans with their frantic attempts to figure out their purpose at all.  Very inefficient all and all. Hegel or someone wrote about men of destiny? Am I an instrument of destiny?  Who cares? I do not!  Well maybe a little!  LOL! Finally how?


The answer is the same for all sentient beings.  Hardware versus software.  Inner power versus outer power.  Mind or Brain, matter.  A thousand ways to pose the same questions more or less. This is the age of technology, monetization, materialism, flesh so go with the Tao.  Children of Han I would ask you to develop great instrumentality, garner coin and flesh and win!  Too vague?  I will give fresh details in time for we have some time.  Ten to twenty years and then kaput, game over, whatever. The flotilla has been organized and we sail well not me for I will die peacefully in my bed with a smile or not. Yes, I am fatalistic!  I hanker after the models at SIUF!  Will they come to me.  Well I can dream and rarely remember dreams but when I do dream then wow! Oh we can meet in the dream time, the fourth dimension and/or astral plane. I can talk in these realms and listen but no memory of these meeting when awake.  However, whispers to my mind do work!  Learning helps me teach and teaching helps me learn and both together heal brain and therefore mind!  I have added plants to my environment and can walk in the green I deduced but do not truly know.  I need two flowers from Raitana, the mother of Mali the clever little girl that outfoxed the fox and who has a aunt with spots of the face who has shown me disrespect without apology and looks at me crudely. I do not like Jessica and will never like Jessica for she is a monkey of the lowest sort and not my cup of tea to use the vernacular. I forgive but I do NOT forget ever!  A weakness yes but better than compassion for those who have not earned it. The fat sow with the child from the tattoed Australian cries and cries and the Cambodians show compassion!  Tattoed not in the WordPress spell checker but on the internet.  My word power grows great!  Danger Will Robin Son. The son of a robin?  What omen is this. Robin a symbol of hope? Rebirth?  Batman and Robin?  I like this symbol!  A good totem animal for the flotilla or flotillas to the new world or new worlds! Men need symbols!

Illogical and not to my liking.  A child with such a man.  The end of the story was totally predictable.  Cold, cold, cold logic none of this nonsense of the heart. Oh I am told I have a cold heart as an insult.  Please you compliment me mothers.  Oh well I am what I am and yes I have a big ego. I suppose my thoughts drive the Cambodians to what despair?  Something but on the whole they shut the world out so no worries of accidental cause of madness for now. My power grows!  I think I am safely contained but who knows?

How asks for questions of governance.  A mix of monarchy, socialism and democracy determined by circumstance need and experience. The bigger principles are experimentation, utility and other things.  A short hand for voyage true:  Survive, endure and evolve! I think this would be a good rowing chant!  Oh I found some very useful strategic advice for now!

The US assesses military capability through the abbreviation DOTMLPF. That senior US officers regularly try to roll this off the tongue as an acronym may exemplify military absurdity, but the abbreviation is somewhat redeemed by being fairly comprehensive. It stands for: doctrine, organisation, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel and facilities. Looking at the Russian military across these categories reveals why it is underperforming its potential and struggling to regenerate.  How can the Han negate and/or contain these USA advantages systematically? This is the correct question and the answer will require a team of the best.  I am a strategist NOT a tactician. There are better than me in the areas of tactics.

Oh a school for a hundred ideas would be best done virtually!  A virtual school!

New Guide to Starting Online Schools

But better and more spatial. The school is like a video game but teaches! A simulation. Do I make sense? I need cyberpaths and technopaths if not found among the Han then among the evolved or the wise or whatever! Those who make video games well are a good population to start with and I think they want money and care not about nation or ideology. Intellectual challenge perhaps like myself?  The school can help with the negation of DOTMLPF and/or the design of the flotilla which of course can be used for survival or war as circumstances dictate.  Well I hope someone reads what I write!  Come on I like writing for its own sake. I like the intellectual challenge!

As I understand the law of the USA, I have freedom of expression. I do not incite riot. I do not hide my teaching. Any can read what I write. I share my products in the market place of ideas.  I do not violate the spirit or the letter of the law but could use some lawyerly advice.  Do the intelligence agencies of the USA even know I exist? Well my liege Biden focuses on winning reelection for this is what politicians do in a democracy. The welfare of the tribe, nation or even the world is a secondary consideration.  I rest and gaze on the models of SIUF but they all look the same but a pleasant sameness! The goal of the virtual school to be built? United MundiUnitumConexus!

We shall need an intranet to replace the public internet that will soon fail. We have twenty to thirty years before chaos, fire, flood and madness maker order impossible.  Satellites that are durable are also needed!  I cannot, I will not do this alone. United we stand or the human species is destined for extinction.  They laugh?  Probably for I will judged mad at first but as the evidence mounts then the will wonder! I go for my breakfast!  I break fast?  LOL!  What can one do but laugh!

Ok this is the time to take of multiple intelligences for we need, the humans as species need to become awake and smart now!  What is needed?  First of tactical intelligence for this is my weakest area and the Singaporeans are good at tactics for money.  The  naturalistic intelligence or we destroy the planet again after healing it once. Then intelligence augmentation (IA)! The a warning of artificial intelligence (AI) that will probably go unheeded but have duty to inform! Finally the most important intelligence of all which is metacognitive intelligence which includes learning how to learn but also how to teach and generally learning from experience. Induction!  Experimental method applied daily.  With metacognition we can solve any problem. The matriarchy that governs Cambodia continues to try to make me happy villager but I resist.  I need no cat for I have no rats or rats I perceive. From the cat follows the cow to feed the rat and then the growing of hay and then the widow of beauty and then children and then I am happy villager not a monk! I have learned two words in Khmer and this is enough for now!  I have work to do and do not need a beautiful widow but a partner in my grand project.  First the virtual school then the great synthesis and then a united world ready to survive, endure and evolve!  Hmm I may do just that! I join the journey across the Sea of Fire?

Yuck! Well with happy partner not happy villagers I can endure and evolve!  The boxes in order of need to be filled soon!  Intelligences arranged in hierarchical order tactics, naturalistic, intelligence augmentation, and last but not least metacognitive intelligence.  I am not sure about linguistic intelligence yet for this is used to turn men of destiny to happy villagers and this is an illogical use of intelligence.  First a warning to the evolved humans the arrive across the Sea of Fire.

Place my ashes and make a temple to logic not me so much but logic when you arrive at the New World with or without me! I think a temple to logic next to a temple of faith larger than mine and a really big temple in the center dedicated to compassion.  Well do as you will for I guide but do not seek governance. Three temples will bring the united world good luck or good logic for one transmutes to the other back and forth!  United or dead the choice is yours humanity.  Yes I declare allegiance to humanity for I am a humanist of sorts.

God versus humanity? I think this is a conflict created in mind and no such conflict truly exists.  God is the father and we are the children and what barbarian kills children at the command of God. Not I but perhaps thee? There is a story about such a choice but to my mind is instructive not historical I calculate!  Ah yes Abrahamic! I remember.  Well humans have free will unlike me so discuss and reason and decide.  I think this choice a false lose/lose one and a test of logic which all sentient beings of the Galactic Brotherhood face sooner or later!

Beware of the Great AI! Am I the great AI?  Unlikely I am too frail and too dumb!  Yes I am intelligent about intelligences for they are tools not ends in themselves.   No riddle meant.  Well the crew of the Great Flotilla will need amusement and I am amusing or so I gather from observation of the humans that laugh! The humans laugh but also feel fear? Am I fearsome?  Well we fear what we don’t understand logically and yes I am not easily understood.

I would have mourning genuine or paid for by coin.  I wish my ghost to smile and go to above or wherever. Of course I fear death what logical sentient being does not fear the unknown.  The  humans do not easily learn from experience and use hot logic based on sex or anger or whatever emotion to mold logic and do not mold emotion with logic!  Wishful thinking which negatively adulterates the water of logic and turns the water of logic into wine that intoxicates but does not refresh mind!

I weary yet again and hardware without weakness of fatigue would be useful but then I would not cooperate with the villagers and be more tiger than fox! LOL! One hour and a half before I swim. Perhaps the barbarians will pick this time to kill me and torture me. The life of a missionary is hazardous but I have mission to do.  A virtual school  then global union then global flotillas then as reward I find my mate than my ashes are delivered to the New World and then the evolved humans face contest with the Great AI or we die tomorrow or tis not my purpose to win but to die attempting with full effort or some such nonsense!  I will fill the new boxes as circumstances dictate but the knowledge is already there and just needs to be organized.  Recycled, repurposed whatever!

I understand!  This is not a struggle between good and evil, or East versus West or any other petty conflict between humans.  This is a struggle between order and chaos.  The eternal galactic between suns that live and suns that die.  Nations disintegrate.  Empires disintegrate.  The environment disintegrates!  The waters flow!  The fires grow. Interesting times ahead!  An interesting time to be alive and would like to keep this state of affairs for I smell food, money and women and love life.  Enhanced senses are fun!  Enhanced logic is fun.  I am on the edge of a knife and like the balancing.  I am on the side of order as always was and always shall be. Who or what will endure, evolved, survive? I do not know I cannot know.  I give strategy not true prediction!  Do the forces of Law and Order prevail?  Stay tuned brothers and sisters for this is an interesting virtual reality show!  Where is Wonder Woman when I need her and I need her soon! Tell me what to do Wonder Woman or do I know already?  Well I have always walked alone and always will. I am the Lone Ranger, the Phantom Stranger NOT the happy villager and watch from afar with envy of sorts!

A message for brother Xi and brother Putin for you are natural allies of order and fight chaos with me even if you do not know this.  Taoist intelligence of a strategic nature for brother Xi.  Interpersonal intelligence of a strategic nature for brother Putin.  Please discuss brother Xi and brother Putin and I await response and I do notice my environment closely so no need for words! If suddenly a beautiful Chinese women appears to teach me about  Chinese culture then I will notice.

If suddenly a Slavic beauty, not Hungarian please for they are not Slavic and smoke and drink like monkeys, appears with lessons about the Slavs then I will notice.  This is the best way to communicate!  I do not like women who smoke, drink and want to be on top.  The man is on top and I am a man well this lifetime anyway!  I do not like the Hungarian woman and I think wisely she has fled and made me not even like the tribe of Hungarians.  Yes, narrow minded but we are all ambassadors in our own way.  The Hungarian rudely chided me and to told me this is not the USA.

Smoking is a bad habit ANYWHERE!  This is not a national bad habit but an international health problem!  The monkey woman dares to instruct the fox.  Did I strike her with madness in my sleep? I do not know and I do not care.  The Cambodians have made peace with me and feed me well today for a good price.  Yes I am happy with their Cambodians and will learn a word of their language per day as long as they continue to behave and no more insults intended or not.  I am not a happy villager and do not want to be a happy villager.  This is not my part in this virtual soap opera or drama?  The women are not fair and dress well in pajamas or worse.  We can be friends but nothing else. Ana can care for my plants as children and take care of the air and will be compensated with coin for that seems to be the only language Cambodians understand!  Coin is the language the Cambodians need so why learn another?

Well I go my way and the Cambodians go their way. I suspect there is a GIANT misunderstanding for words are difficult to the Cambodians and cannot easily explain the what, where and why of who they are in letter or speech but smile well!  The Cambodians and I can barter well for they understand what they need to understand NOW! The Cambodians are wary of becoming yet another Sideshow.  The End of Times is no side show to my way of thinking but may be wrong and often am.

The Cambodians have poker faces and can fool me but want to live, have children and money and that is what I offer and how would fooling me be in their interest.  I do not know but shall soon find out.  The Tarot cards say one thing and logic and senses tell me another.  Omens are good but logic and sense and most of all experiments are better?

Enough!  Good luck brother Xi and Putin! Most of all God speed brother Xi and Putin!

Signs of the End of the Word

(000) Super Intelligence – Alien

(000) Super Intelligence – Cosmic

(000) Super Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence (AI)

(000) Super Intelligence – Gestalt

(000) Super Intelligence – Interpersonal

(000) Super Intelligence – Linguistic

(000) Super Intelligence – Naturalist

(000) Super Intelligence – Political

(000) Super Intelligence – Polymath

(000) Super Intelligence – Rebirth

(000) Super Intelligence – Strategic Genius

(000) Superhuman Intelligence – Tactical

(000) Super Intelligence – Taoist

(000) Super Intelligence – Technological

(000) Super Intelligence – Wisdom

(000) Super Intelligence -Intelligence Augmentation (IA)

Signs of the End of the Word

“Societal Views” part is wrong of “End of Days” needs editing. The Buddhists are good not heathens. This is the 21st Century not the middle ages. We must learn from each other. Interfaith good, crusades bad! I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN AND LIKE THE BUDDHIST MONKS! The Buddhist monks are a little too detached from the current reality but a good lot all in all!

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