023) Animal Scrying

Animal Scrying – The ability to perceive through the senses of one animal at a time.  Animal Scrying is also known as Animal Eye Spy, Animal Mind Hitch-hiking, and Animal Sensory Scrying.  Generally, characters with this power can only perceive through a particular animal.  Similar to (020) Animal Perception.  In the case of animal perception, the user can see through the senses of the animal kingdom not just one animal at a time.

Literary Critique of Animal Scrying 

Sam Wilson (Marvel) can see through the eyes of birds and an owl in particular in Captain America-Sam Wilson #13.  Since owls can see in the dark so can Sam Wilson.


Milan (DC) can see through the eyes of flies that live in his eyes sockets and the flies that swarm about him (Wonder Woman V4 #16).  Somehow this allows him guided (480) Vision (telescopic).

animal-scrying-wonder-woman-v4-16-dc-16 animal-scrying-wonder-woman-v4-16-dc-17 animal-scrying-wonder-woman-v4-16-dc-18

Homer Glint (DC) of the Star Rovers can see through the eyes of a cat in Twilight – Book II.

Judge Dredd gives a ticket to an old lady who uses a dog to see in Moving Violation – 2000 AD #897.

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