311) Molecular Combustion (object)

Molecular Combustion (object) – The ability to make an object explode.

Gambit (Marvel) is a superhero likes to make playing cards explode (Gambit V4 #1).

Molecular Combustion (object)–Gambit V4 #1

Liam Connaughton (Marvel) discovers his ability to blow up objects while kissing his girlfriend in Muties #6.

Human Bomb (DC) is a Golden Age superhero with this power (DC Who’s Who V1 #10).

Molecular Combustion (object)-Human Bomb-DC Who's Who V1 #10

A New 52 version of the Human Bomb (DC) in Human Bomb #1 (DC).

Rex Splode (Image) gained his power in an operation (Invincible Presents – Atom Eve and Rex Splode #1).

 Molecular Combustion (object)–Invincible Presents - Atom Eve and Rex Splode #1

Ball Weevil – Ben 10


Euros become deadly explosives in Red Agent the Human Order #2 (Zenescope).

molecular-combustion-object-red-agent-the-human-order-2-zenescope-9 molecular-combustion-object-red-agent-the-human-order-2-zenoscope-10

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