151) Duplication (temporal)

Duplication (temporal) – The character can bring forth duplicates from the past and/or future.  Duplication (temporal) is also known as Temporal Duplication, Temporal Replication, Time Duplication, Time Paradox and Time Replication.

Literary Critique of Duplication (temporal) 

In Alpha Flight V1 #12, Flashback (Marvel) attacks Guardian with temporal duplicates.

Duplication (temporal)-Flashback - Alpha Flight V1 #12

Timeshadow (Marvel) can also create temporal duplicates in X-Factor V1 #5.


Kang (Marvel) – Avengers V7 #1

Professor EnigmaLove and Rockets #3 (2017)

Scaroth has twelve versions of himself scattered through time in Fourth Doctor Sourcebook.

Thanos (Marvel) meets his future self in Thanos V2 #13.

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