374) Reincarnation (self)

Reincarnation (self) – The ability to control your own reincarnation and/or ask for aid from past or future incarnations.

Apocalypse (Marvel) reincarnated as a small boy in Uncanny X-Force #1.

Reincarnation (self)-Apocalypse Reincarnated-Uncanny X-Force (Marvel)

The Immortal Enemy (Valiant) reincarnates as a monster in order to fight the Eternal Warrior.

Reincarnation (self)–Immortal Enemy-Eternal Warrior #4-16

Immortal Man (DC) reincarnates to fight the evil and immortal Vandal Savage again and again and is a good guy version of the Immortal Enemy.

Reincarnation (self)-Immortal Man-Who's Who #11 (DC)

Loki (Marvel) reincarnated as a street hustler in Thor #617.

Reincarnation (self)–Loki Reincarnated as French card shark-Thor #617 (Marvel)

Scratch9 (Hermes Press) can summon any of his nine lives for help (Scratch9 #4).

Reincarnation (self)-Scratch9 #4 (2010)

Wotan (DC) has used reincarnation to stay alive from the Stone Age but strangely reincarnation is never listed as one of his superpowers except here (Who’s Who in the DC Universe #1).

Reincarnation (self)-Wotan-Who's Who in the DC Universe #1

Synnar the Demiurge (DC) realizes his full evil potential after countless reincarnations in Hardcore Station #1.


The Dying One (Valiant) is the age old enemy of the Eternal Warrior in Valiant Universe Handbook 2016 Edition #1.


Tulgars – D&D 4th Edition – Monster Manual 3


Reincarnation Trading Cards

In iZombie #4, reincarnation is explained as a very complex process.

Jimmy Olsen – “Blackest Deeds” – Superman’s Pal #110

Jimmy Olsen – “The Three Lives of Superman” – Superman’s Pal #121

Tharg’s Future Shocks – “Retribution” – 2000 AD #720 (1991)

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