231) Insanity Manipulation (self)

Insanity Manipulation (self) – The ability to use one’s own insanity as an asset.

R.D. Laing suggested that madness can be a breakthrough rather than a breakdown.

Insanity Manipulation (self)-RD Laing Quote

I am quite sure that the Joker (DC) would agree with R.D. Laing.

Insanity Manipulation (self)-Joker-DC Who's Who #11 (1986)

Shade, The Changing Girl (DC) has madness described as a power in her description issue in #1.


Brainiac 5 (DC) goes insane inexplicably in Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes V1 #250.

Maximus the Mad (Marvel) shows that there is a thing line between genius and madness in Fantastic Four V1 #54.

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