192) Garbage Mimicry

Garbage Mimicry – The being has a body composed of garbage.  Garbage Mimicry is also known as Garbage Physiology, Litter Mimicry, Litter Physiology, Rubbish Mimicry, Rubbish Physiology, Trash Mimicry, Trash Physiology, Waste Mimicry and Waste Physiology.

Literary Critique of Garbage Mimicry 

Garbage Man appeared in Toxic! #28 (Apocalypse).

Garbage Mimicry-Garbage Man-Toxic! #28 (Apocalypse)-3 Garbage Mimicry-Garbage Man-Toxic! #28 (Apocalypse)-5 Garbage Mimicry-Garbage Man-Toxic! #28 (Apocalypse)-6

Another Garbage Man ends up being a superhero that even works with Batman in Weird Worlds #1 (DC).

Garbage Mimicry-Garbage Man-Weird Worlds #1 (DC)-12 Garbage Mimicry-Garbage Man-Weird Worlds #1 (DC)-20 Garbage Mimicry-Garbage Man-Weird Worlds #1 (DC)-21

Sludge (Malibu) is more a muck character than a garbage character and appears in Sludge #1 (Malibu).

Garbage Mimicry-Sludge #1 (Malibu)-22 Garbage Mimicry-Sludge #1 (Malibu)-23 Garbage Mimicry-Sludge #1 (Malibu)-24

The Heap is the original garbage character and appeared in The Heap #1 (Skywald).

Garbage Mimicry-The Heap #1 (Skywald)-10 Garbage Mimicry-The Heap #1 (Skywald)-12

Biohazard (Marvel) – OHOTMU A – Z Update #4


HedorahGodzilla Legends #4 (IDW)


Human Garbage – Edison Rex #14 (Monkey Brain)


Innardo – TMNT Mutant Universe Sourcebook #3 (Archie)


Toxic Waste Warrior (Marvel) – Brute Force V1 #3


Franklin Richards: Son of Genius (Marvel), accidentally creates a garbage monster in Tails of the Pet Avengers – The Dogs of Summer.

garbage-mimicry-tails-of-the-pet-avengers-the-dogs-of-summer-1-1 garbage-mimicry-tails-of-the-pet-avengers-the-dogs-of-summer-1-2 garbage-mimicry-tails-of-the-pet-avengers-the-dogs-of-summer-1-3

Tharg’s Terror Tales – “Waiting for the Night Train” – 2000 AD #838

“The Pollution Monsters” – Nightmare #1 (Skywald)

Shit-Head (Image) – Wanted: Dossier

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