393) Size Growth (object)

Size Growth (object) – The ability to make an object and/or another living being grow larger.  This power is especially useful if you also have (395) Size Reduction (object). If I have both powers then I can shrink a tank, put the tank in my pocket and then make the object full size when I need a tank.  Similar to (394) Size Growth (self).

Literary Critique of Size Growth (object)

Henry Pym used this power when he was a member of the West Coast Avengers because his body could no longer take the strain of growing and shrinking (West Coast Avengers V1 #21).

Size Growth (object)-Henry Pym-Guns (Marvel)-West Coast Avengers #21

There is a very good reason Henry Pym has never tried to take over the world with an army of giant ants (West Coast Avengers V2 #19).

Size Growth (object)-Henry Pym-Ant -West Coast Avengers V2 #19

If Henry Pym does get past the above glitch above then he might team up with the following species of intelligent ants that appeared in Uncanny Tales #38.

Size Growth (object)–Intelligent Ants-Uncanny Tales #38

I did run into an interesting tale of a Professor Kravadaka who wants to create giant arthropods the old-fashioned way (Uncanny Tales #38). Spiders are of course not insects but spiders and insects are both arthropods.

Size Growth (object)–Giant Spiders-Uncanny Tales #26-12 Size Growth (object)–Giant Spiders-Uncanny Tales #26-14

In the Silver Age good guys are turned into giants against their will on a regular basis. Sometimes being turned into a giant also turns them evil so you get an evil giant!  I guess the moral of the story is that being able to become a giant and then go back to normal size is great but if you are stuck as a giant then being a giant is a curse.

Action Comics V1 #325

Adventure Comics V1 #308

Adventure Comics V1 #315

Aquaman V1 #2

Challengers of the Unknown V1 #20

Challengers of the Unknown V1 #36

Detective Comics V1 #243

House of Mystery V1 #143

House of Secrets V1 #11

Jimmy Olsen V1 #77

Strange Adventures V1 #112

Strange Adventures V1 #28

Superboy V1 #50

Superman V1 #226

Wonder Woman V1 #136

Size Lad (DC) can make objects shrink and grow in Adventure Comics V1 #337 (DC).

Size Growth (object)-Size Lad-Adventure Comics V1 #337 (DC)

Muto (DC) uses an expander ray in Action Comics V1 #339.

size-growth-object-muto-action-comics-v1-339-1966-12 size-growth-object-muto-action-comics-v1-339-1966-13

Zunial (DC) uses a gigantizing ray in Superman V1 #188.


F.E.A.R. has figured out how to make animals gigantic in Future Quest Presents #12 (2018).

Lex Luthor (DC) turns Superman (DC) into a giant in Superman V1 #302.

Monsieur Mallah (DC) turns a miniature tank into a full sized one in Doom Patrol V1 #87.

In The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth by H.G. Wells, a special food can make animals and humans larger (Classics Illustrated #160).

size-growth-object-the-food-of-the-gods-classics-illustrated-160-1 size-growth-object-the-food-of-the-gods-classics-illustrated-160-5 size-growth-object-the-food-of-the-gods-classics-illustrated-160-25

Tommy Tomorrow (DC) faces a sci-fi version of The Food of the Gods in Action Comics V1 #135.

size-growth-object-tommy-tomorrow-action-comics-v1-135-14 size-growth-object-tommy-tomorrow-action-comics-v1-135-15 size-growth-object-tommy-tomorrow-action-comics-v1-135-17 size-growth-object-tommy-tomorrow-action-comics-v1-135-21

Jimmy Olsen – “Brainiac…Big Time Operator” – Superman’s Pal #116

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