219) Hyperkinesic Perception (HKP)

Hyperkinesic Perception (HKP) – The ability to perceive and process spatial information in a superhuman manner.  The ability to read body language at a superhuman level is one sub-power of HKP.

Animal Man (DC) picks up HKP from apes in Animal Man V1 #11.

Hyperkinesic Perception-Animal Man V1 #11

Hyperion (Marvel) demonstrates the ability to detect a lie using HKP (Hyperion #3).

Hyperkinesic Perception-Hyperion #3

HKP is very important power in the metafictional novel Half-Square.  HKP can be defined as superhuman spatial intelligence combined with superhuman kinesthetic intelligence in a synergic manner. Modern Homos erectus has an evolved cerebellum that integrates spatial intelligence and kinesthetic intelligence. This means Modern Homo erectus can do many feats that Homo Sapiens cannot. The Orange Werefox has HKP!

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