219) Hyperkinesic Perception (HKP)

Hyperkinesic Perception (HKP) – The ability to perceive and process spatial information in a superhuman manner probably due to superior cerebellum functioning.  HKP is a very important power in the metafictional novel Half-Square.  HKP can be defined as superhuman spatial intelligence combined with superhuman kinesics and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence in a synergistic manner.

Literary Critique of Hyperkinesic Perception (HKP) 

The Orange Werefox has a degree of HKP!  The Orange Werefox took the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) and received a perfect score in the Assembling Objects (AO) part of the test which measures spatial intelligence.

The ability to use kinesics alone i.e. a superhuman ability to read body language is possessed by Animal Man and Hyperion.

Animal Man (DC) picks up superhuman body language analysis from apes in Animal Man V1 #11.

Hyperkinesic Perception-Animal Man V1 #11

Hyperion (Marvel) demonstrates the ability to detect a lie using kinesics in Hyperion #3.

Hyperkinesic Perception-Hyperion #3

Deathstroke (DC) can fool someone with HKP as he explains in Faces of Evil-Deathstroke #1 (2009).

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