349) Power Absorption

Power Absorption – The ability to absorb the powers of another being.  On this list, power absorption is different than power mimicry.  In absorption the power absorbed is taken away from the other being.  In mimicry both beings still retain the power being mimicked.  Power Absorption is also known as Ability Absorption, Ability Assimilation, Ability Draining, Ability Siphoning, Ability Stealing, Ability Theft, Power Assimilation, Power Draining, Power Siphoning, Power Stealing and Power Theft.

Literary Critique of Power Absorption 

Doctor Doom (Marvel) steals the power cosmic from the Silver Surfer (Fantastic Four V1 #57).

Power Absorption–Doctor Doom vs Silver Surfer-Fantastic Four V1 #57-15 Power Absorption–Doctor Doom vs Silver Surfer-Fantastic Four V1 #57-16

The Parasite (DC) can absorb Superman’s power but has to be careful or he overloads (Action Comics V1 #340).

Power Absorption–Parasite vs Superman-Action Comics V1 #340-17

Rogue (Marvel) absorbs power via skin contact but can accidentally absorb too much power.

Power absorption–Rogue (Marvel)

The Space Parasite (Marvel) has this power (Marvel Legacy: The 60’s Handbook #1).

Power Absorption-Space Parasite-Marvel Legacy The 's Handbook #1 (1960)

Absorbanoids (Savage Dragon)


Absorbing Junior (Savage Dragon)


Lamprey (Marvel) is a pastiche of the Parasite (DC) and appears in Squadron Supreme V1 #5.


Skin Weaver – Creature Collection II. Dark Menagerie


Alien teenagers use a machine to absorb the powers of Superboy (DC) in Superboy V1 #112.


Sucker (Image) – Wanted: Dossier

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