178) Evolution Manipulation (self)

Evolution Manipulation (self) – The ability to control one’s own evolution.  Evolution Manipulation that ignores the distinction between other and self is known as Evolution, Evolutionary Process, Metamorphosis and Ultimatized.

In Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #35, Evolvo Lad (DC) acts very superior to Supergirl.

Evolution Manipulation (self)–Evolvo Lad-Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #35 (2007)

In Blackhawk #205, evolution is out of control!

Evolution Manipulation (self)–Giant Head-Blackhawk V1 #205

In Challengers of the Unknown #39, Rocky becomes a man of the future.

Evolution Manipulation (self)–Giant Head-Challengers of the Unknown V1 #39

In Jimmy Olsen #22, Jimmy uses his super brain to attack Superman.

Evolution Manipulation (self)–Giant Head-Jimmy Olsen V1 #22

In Lois Lane #27, Lois Lane becomes a super brain.

Evolution Manipulation (self)–Giant Head-Lois Lane-Superman's Girl Friend #27 (1961)

In Superman #224, Superman and Lois Lane of a super brain baby!

Evolution Manipulation (self)–Giant Head-Superman V1 #224

In Action Comics #256, Superman becomes the Ultra Superman.

Evolution Manipulation (self)–Giant Head-Superman-Action Comics V1 #256

In World’s Finest #151, Batman becomes the Batman of 800,000 AD.

Evolution Manipulation (self)–Giant Head-World's Finest Comics V1 #151

The High Evolutionary (Marvel) can control both his own evolution and that of others (Tales to Astonish V1 #96).

Evolution manipulation (self)–High Evolutionary (Marvel)

In Superboy V1 #85, Mighty Boy (DC) suddenly becomes Future Boy.

Evolution Manipulation (self)–Mighty Boy - Superboy V1 #85

Barry Metzner (DC) turns himself into the man of the future in Supergirl V2 #23.

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