178) Evolution Manipulation (self)

Evolution Manipulation (self) – The ability to control one’s own evolution.   Also known as Evolution, Evolutionary Process, Metamorphosis and Ultimatized.

Literary Critique of Evolution Manipulation (self) 

In Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #35, Evolvo Lad (DC) acts very superior to Supergirl.

Evolution Manipulation (self)–Evolvo Lad-Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #35 (2007)

In Blackhawk #205, evolution is out of control!

Evolution Manipulation (self)–Giant Head-Blackhawk V1 #205

In Challengers of the Unknown #39, Rocky becomes a man of the future.

Evolution Manipulation (self)–Giant Head-Challengers of the Unknown V1 #39

In Jimmy Olsen #22, Jimmy uses his super brain to attack Superman.

Evolution Manipulation (self)–Giant Head-Jimmy Olsen V1 #22

In Lois Lane #27, Lois Lane becomes a super brain.

Evolution Manipulation (self)–Giant Head-Lois Lane-Superman's Girl Friend #27 (1961)

In Superman #224, Superman and Lois Lane of a super brain baby!

Evolution Manipulation (self)–Giant Head-Superman V1 #224

In Action Comics #256, Superman becomes the Ultra Superman.

Evolution Manipulation (self)–Giant Head-Superman-Action Comics V1 #256

In World’s Finest #151, Batman becomes the Batman of 800,000 AD.

Evolution Manipulation (self)–Giant Head-World's Finest Comics V1 #151

The High Evolutionary (Marvel) can control both his own evolution and that of others (Tales to Astonish V1 #96).

Evolution manipulation (self)–High Evolutionary (Marvel)

In Superboy V1 #85, Mighty Boy (DC) suddenly becomes Future Boy.

Evolution Manipulation (self)–Mighty Boy - Superboy V1 #85

Barry Metzner (DC) turns himself into the man of the future in Supergirl V2 #23.

“We Found the Evolution Man” – My Greatest Adventure V1 #31 (DC)

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