350) Power Bestowal (objects)

Power Bestowal (objects) – The use of objects that bestow superhuman power.  Objects that allow the user to achieve superhuman effects. Power Bestowal (objects)is also known as Artifact Affinity, Artifact Magic, Object Affinity, Object Magic, Object-Based Powers and Object of Power.  Subcategories of this power are (044) Armor (biological), (046) Armor (energy), (047) Armor (magical), (048) Armor (matter), (049) Arrow Manipulation, (060)Axe Manipulation, (064) Belt Manipulation, (076) Boot Manipulation, (079) Bow Manipulation, (080) Bracelet Manipulation, (099) Chain Manipulation (102) Cloak Manipulation, (201) Glove Manipulation, (205) Hammer Manipulation, (209) Helmet Manipulation, (259) Mace Manipulation, (261) Magic Books, (379) Ring Manipulation, (382) Rope Manipulation ,(391) Shield Manipulation, (407) Spear Manipulation, (411) Staff Manipulation, (416) Suit Manipulation, (436) Sword Manipulation, (438) Talisman Manipulation(448) Thrown Weapon, (453) Toy Manipulation, and (494) Whip Manipulation. If the weapon is used in a superhuman manner then this is not an example of power bestowal by an object. Generation of the weapon as a superpower is also not an example of power bestowal by an object.  Objects that are in one of the subcategories are not in this article.

Literary Critique of Power Bestowal (objects)

The second most powerful object in the Marvel universe is a Cosmic Cube.

Power Bestowal (objects)–Cosmic Cube

Cyttorak (Marvel) created the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak that gave the Juggernaut huge levels of power.

Power Bestowal (objects)-Crimson Gem of Cyttorak Card Stats

One of the weirder objects that could bestow a different set of power each time is the Dial H for Hero dial (DC Who’s Who V1 #6).

Power Bestowal (objects)-Dial H Dial-DC Who's Who V1 #6

Alchemists of Avalon created the Evil Eye of Avalon for Prester John (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #15).

Power Bestowal (objects)-Evil Eye-Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #15

Himon(DC) of the New Gods created the Mother Boxes.

Power Bestowal (objects)-Mother Box Replica


In Fantastic Four V1 #57, the Silver Surfer creates a great weapon for Doctor Doom but this is a one-shot power for the Silver Surfer.

Power Bestowal (objects)–OS-Fantastic Four #57 (1966)-7

The Totems of Power (DC) are six objects in the DC universe that can bestow greater power than any other objects.


The Black Vortex (Marvel) is a mirror that does not just bestow power but cosmic level power Legendary Star-Lord-Rise of the Black Vortex V2!

Jor-El (DC) receives superpowers through alien technology in Superman V1 #170.

Lex Luthor (DC) again uses ancient technology to get superpowers in Superman V1 #168.

Perry White (DC) gets superpowers by eating a fruit from Xasnu aliens in Action Comics V1 #278 (1961).

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