150) Duplication (size)

Duplication (size) – The ability to create a duplicate that is bigger or smaller. Duplication (size) is also known as Shrinking Replication, if the copies are smaller and Growing Replication, if the copies are bigger.

Literary Critique of Duplication (size) 

Silver Age DC characters often found themselves dealing with a giant duplicate of themselves.

House of Secrets V1 #53

Duplication (size)-Giant-Tales of the Unexpected V1 #38-1

Tales of the Unexpected V1 #38

Duplication (size)-Mark Merlin-House of Secrets V1 #53-1

Superman had a duplicate mini-me in Superman V1 #125.

Duplication (size)-Superman V1 #125

Wonder Woman often had to deal with giant evil duplicates.

Wonder Woman V1 #90

Duplication (size)-Wonder Woman V1 #90

Wonder Woman V1 #122

Duplication (size)-Wonder Woman V1 #122

Wonder Woman V1 #175)

Duplication (size)-Wonder Woman V1 #175

Virus (Dakotaverse) his duplicated becomes smaller and smaller and he makes more of them (Milestone Media Universe Card Set).

Duplication (size)-Virus-Milestone Media Universe Card Set

Enigmo (Marvel) can divide every portion of his body into smaller versions of himself, and each part retains the full power of the whole Enigmo. Enigmo can also pull each of the smaller versions of himself back together at will. Enigmo apparently has taken over the world in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl V2 #12.


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