396) Size Reduction (self)

Size Reduction (self) – The ability to decrease body size.

The Ant-Man (Marvel) has this power.

Size Reduction (self)–Ant-Man

The Wasp (Marvel) was a partner of Antman in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #12.


The Atom (DC) has this power.

Size reduction (self)–Atom Ray Palmer (DC)

Shrinking Violet (DC) can even shrink to subatomic size (DC Who’s Who #21).

Size Reduction (self)-Shrinking Violet-DC Who's Who #21

Shrinking Ray’s name is probably an homage to Brainiac (Official Handbook of the Invincible Universe #2).

Size Reduction (self)-Shrinking Ray-Official Handbook of the Invincible Universe #2

What if there are worlds within worlds literally? Many have noticed similarities between the solar system and an atom. Is our solar system an atom in a larger world? Do atoms have life forms similar to us?

Size Reduction (self)–Microverse-Solar System vs Atom

The Marvel universe has a microverse (a subatomic universe with life forms) with a long and intricate history.  The Marvel microverse is first introduced but not named in Fantastic Four V1 #16 (Marvel).

Size Reduction (self)–Microverse-Fantastic Four V1 #16 (Marvel)-13 Size Reduction (self)–Microverse-Fantastic Four V1 #16 (Marvel)-14 Size Reduction (self)–Microverse-Fantastic Four V1 #16 (Marvel)-15

The Fantastic Four then has several adventures in Sub-Atomica which is later established as a part of the larger Marvel microverse (Fantastic Four V1 #76).

Size Reduction (self)–Microverse-Fantastic Four V1 #76 (Marvel)

The Micronauts (Marvel) are recurring Marvel characters that inhabit the microverse (Micronauts V1 #1).

Size Reduction (self)–Microverse-Micronauts V1 #1 (1979)

Below is a map of the microverse from Micronauts V1 #24 (1980) but the map does not include Sub-Atomica.

Size Reduction (self)–Microverse Map-Micronauts V1 #24 (1980) - Page 24


The DC has a much less developed microverse than in the Marvel universe.

The Atom (DC) could have had many adventures in a microverse but only had one in The Atom V1 #32 (DC).

Size Reduction (self)–Microverse-The Atom V1 #32 (DC)

Instead the Atom had adventures with the Morlaidhans that are about six inches in the Amazon in Sword of the Atom.

Size Reduction (self)–Sword of the Atom #1-15 Size Reduction (self)–Sword of the Atom #1-16 Size Reduction (self)–Sword of the Atom #1-17

Superman (DC) is introduced to a one-shot microverse character called Roga who is from the subatomic Nortuiian realm (Action Comics V1 #479).

 Size Reduction (self)–Microverse-Roga-Action Comics V1 #479 (1978)

Hornet (Savage Dragon)


Lonely Mountain – 100% Biodegradable #10 (Biomekazok)

size-reduction-self-lonely-mountain-100-biodegradable-10-biomekazok-1 size-reduction-self-lonely-mountain-100-biodegradable-10-biomekazok-2

Nanomech (Ben 10)


The Shi’ar Imperial Guard includes Scintilla (Marvel) who is a pastiche of Shrinking Violet (DC).


Tiny Harold (Marvel) proves that small is beautiful in Silver Surfer V7 #8.


Inner Space can shrink in Space Girls2000 AD #1062

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