441) Technomimicry

Technomimicry – The ability to become a machine and/or turn organic beings into machines.  The ability of an organic being to merge with a robot. The ability of a robot to possess humans and effectively make them into robot servitors. A cyborg is part machine and part human. Technomimicry goes beyond cyborgization and is the transformation of the human into a robot or robot servitor.  Also, the ability to turn a robot into a human although this is much less common than turning a human into a robot.

The Maschinenmensch of the film Metropolis (1927) is the archetype of this sort of a character.


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Metropolis: Maria’s Transformation (1927)

Box (Marvel) is animated by a human that phases/merges with the robot body. The human essentially becomes a robot (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V2 #2).

Technomimicry-Box of Alpha Flight-Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V2 #2

Computo (DC) can possess humans and to some extent make them computer like (DC Who’s Who V1 #5).

Technomimicry-Computo-DC Who's Who V1 #5

Kilg%re (DC) is an electro mechanic organic lifeform that can possess humans and make them robot like (Who’s Who in the DC Universe #10).

Technomimicry-Kilg%re -Who's Who in the DC Universe #10

In Earth X #0, Machine Man (Marvel) in the Earth X continuity is a man turned into a robot by the Watcher.

Technomimicry-Machine Man-Earth X #0 (1999)

The Magus (DC) can more or less turn organic beings into a machine (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V2 #8).

Technomimicry-Magus-Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V2 #8

The line between robot and human was crossed a lot during DC’s Silver Age (Green Lantern V1 #36, Jimmy Olsen V1 #70, Jimmy Olsen V1 #130, Metal Men V1 #22, Adventure Comics V1 #237, Action Comics V1 #225).

Technomimicry-OS-Green Lantern V1 #36 Technomimicry-OS-Jimmy Olsen V1 #70 Technomimicry-OS-Jimmy Olsen V1 #130 Technomimicry-OS-Metal Men V1 #22-15 Technomimicry-OS-Metal Men V1 #22-16 Technomimicry-OS-Superboy-Adventure Comics V1 #237 Technomimicry-OS-Superman-Action Comics V1 #225

The Construct (DC) yet another DC robot that can possess humans!

Technomimicry-The Construct-Who's Who #5 (DC)

In Tom Strong #2 (American Best Comic’s), the reader is exposed to the Modular Man who has chosen to upload his consciousness into self-replicating modules instead of the internet mostly because the internet didn’t exist when he died.

Technomimicry-Modular Man-Tom Strong #2-13 Technomimicry-Modular Man-Tom Strong #2-14

Metal Men – The Atomic Legion (Dark Horse)


Spartan (Wildstorm) in WildCATs Adventures Sourcebook.


Ilia is turned into an artificial being by V’ger entry in Who’s Who in Star Trek #1 (DC).


Korby Roger is turned into an android entry in Who’s Who in Star Trek #1 (DC).


Amazo (DC) is an android who becomes human in Hourman #6.

A man turns into a machine in “Half-Man-Half Machine” – Tales of the Unexpected #98 (DC).

An alien becomes a robot in “I Became a Human Robot” – Fantasy Masterpieces V1 #1 (Marvel).

Khoon (Marvel) is turned into a machine in Silver Surfer V3 #69.

The Mecha-Nerds have been turned into robots in Astro City #48 (Vertigo).

Vivian Vision (Marvel) is an android who has been turned into a human in Champions #14.

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