016) Animal Anatomy (hybrid)

Animal Anatomy (hybrid) – The character is a hybrid of two animals.  Generally one the animals is a human but not always.  If the character is a hybrid of two humanoid species then the character is dealt with in 215) Hybrid Anatomy.  There is a superficial in-universe similarity between these two super powers.  As a plot device these two conditions are very different.  Giving a human animal powers via hybridization provides a plausible mechanism for the fantasy of having superpowers that we see in animals in a daily life.  What child has not looked at bird flying and wondered about having that power themselves?

However, in the case of Hybrid Anatomy, as exemplified by Spock, the author can explore the negative side of mixed race status i.e. a “half-breed“.  On a positive note, the hybrid that is the product of two different humanoid species can ascend to the status of cultural broker.

The Man Wolf (Marvel) is not exactly a werewolf (Marvel Legacy: The 70’s Handbook #1).

Animal Mimicry (hybrid)-Man Wolf-Marvel Legacy The 's Handbook #1 (1970)

Werewolf by Night (Marvel) has a werewolf as the protagonist! A very tough guy summons the courage to fight the werewolf in Werewolf by Night V1 #2.

Animal Mimicry (hybrid)–Werewolf By Night V1 #2

The Wolf is yet another human/wolf hybrid (Who’s Who in the Impact Universe #2).

Animal Mimicry (hybrid)-The Wolf-Who's Who in the Impact Universe #2

The DC Silver Age used established characters as werewolves as recurrent plot device (Action Comics V1 #283, Jimmy Olsen V1 #44, Superboy V1 #116, Superboy V1 #180).

Animal Mimicry (hybrid)–Werewolf-os-Jimmy Olsen V1 #44 Animal Mimicry (hybrid)–Werewolf-os-Superboy V1 #116 Animal Mimicry (hybrid)–Werewolf-os-Superboy V1 #180 Animal Mimicry (hybrid)–Werewolf-os-Supergirl-Action Comics V1 #283

The Orange Werefox is a hybrid that goes through various stages as part of his transformation.

There are too many transgenic superheroes and supervillains to list here that are hybrids. However there are some titles in which hybrid animals are a major theme and they deserve mention.

In Creature Cops Special Varmint Unit, the reader is exposed to an animal control unit the deals with hybrid animals exclusively.

Animal Mimicry (hybrid)–Creature Cops Special Varmint Unit #1 (2015)

The Creeptures (Impact) are a team of hybrid animals (Who’s Who in the Impact Universe #3).

Animal Mimicry (hybrid)-Creeptures-Who's Who in the Impact Universe #3-15 Animal Mimicry (hybrid)-Creeptures-Who's Who in the Impact Universe #3-16

The Elephantmen (Image) also have human/animal heroes versus human/hybrid villains (Elephantmen #0).

Animal Mimicry (hybrid)–Elephantmen #0

In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the heroes are a human/turtle hybrid and most of the villains are also human/animal hybrids.

Animal Mimicry (hybrid)–Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-30th-Anniv-Special

The Griffin (Marvel) in Marvel Team-Up v1 #78 provides a good demonstration why the transgenic route is a bad idea for superpowers!

Animal Mimicry (hybrid)–Griffin-Marvel Team-Up V1 #78-8 Animal Mimicry (hybrid)–Griffin-Marvel Team-Up V1 #78-13 Animal Mimicry (hybrid)–Griffin-Marvel Team-Up V1 #78-18

The DC Silver Age had a couple of colorful hybrid animals (House of Mystery V1 #109, House of Secrets V1 #31, Strange Adventures V1 #165)!

Animal Mimicry (hybrid)-OS-House of Mystery V1 #109 Animal Mimicry (hybrid)-OS-House of Secrets V1 #31 Animal Mimicry (hybrid)-OS-Strange Adventures V1 #165

A collection of animal-human hybrids in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6 (2016).

Animal Mimicry (hybrid)-The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6 (2016)

Athentia the Great Sphinx – Creature Collection II. Dark Menagerie


Were Vulture – Creature Collection I


Werepanther – TSR 2158 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 2


Wereshark – TSR 2158 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 2


Archie’s Madhouse #22 (1962)

Bearhound – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual III

Dracosphink – TSR 2158 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 2

Lhosk – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual III

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