147) Duplication (imperfect)

Duplication (imperfect) – The ability to create an imperfect duplicate.

Bizarro (DC) is by far the most famous example of an imperfect duplicate and first appeared in Superboy V1 #68.

Duplication (imperfect)–Bizarro-Superboy V1 #68

Over the years Bizarro created a Bizarro World complete with a Bizzaro Code (Superboy V1 #68)!

Duplication (imperfect)–Bizarro World-Superman V1 #202

In the Modern Age Bizarro was transformed from wacky to dark as exemplified in Alan Moore’s version of Bizzaro in Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? (Superman V1 #423).

Duplication (imperfect)–Bizarro-Alan Moore-Superman V1 #423

Alan Moore made Supreme into a parody of Superman. The Shadow Supreme is Supreme’s version of Bizzaro.

Duplication (imperfect)-The Shadow Supreme-Supreme V2 #57 (Awesome)

Magik (Marvel) – New Mutants Special Edition V1 #1


Supergirl – Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade (DC)

duplication-imperfect-supergirl-cosmic-adventures-in-the-8th-grade-2009-33 duplication-imperfect-supergirl-cosmic-adventures-in-the-8th-grade-2009-34

Thanos (Marvel) – Infinity Abyss #3


Jimmy Olsen (DC) – Superman’s Pal #90

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