147) Duplication (imperfect)

Duplication (imperfect) – The ability to create an imperfect duplicate.  Duplication (imperfect) is also known as Altered Duplication, Altered Replication, Different Duplication, Different Replication, Variable Duplication, Variable Replication, Varied Cloning, Varied Copying, Varied Duplication, Varied Multiplication and Varied Replication.

Literary Critique of Duplication (imperfect) 

Imperfect duplicates can be bizarre or evil but rarely both.  Bizarro (DC) is by far the most famous example of a bizarre imperfect duplicate and first appeared in Superboy V1 #68.

Duplication (imperfect)–Bizarro-Superboy V1 #68

Over the years Bizarro created a Bizarro World complete with a Bizzaro Code (Superboy V1 #68)!

Duplication (imperfect)–Bizarro World-Superman V1 #202

In the Modern Age Bizarro was transformed from wacky to dark as exemplified in Alan Moore’s version of Bizzaro in Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? (Superman V1 #423).

Duplication (imperfect)–Bizarro-Alan Moore-Superman V1 #423

DC loves evil duplicates!  In the Silver Age, Supergirl (DC) had an evil red kryptonite created duplicate named Satan Girl (DC) in Adventure Comics #313.


Kara Zor-El II  (DC) is an evil duplicate of Supergirl (DC) from the Modern Age.  Interestingly, Kara Zor-El  II has memories that make her think that she is not the duplicate but the original Supergirl.

Yet another evil Supergirl in Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade (DC).

Alan Moore made Supreme into a parody of Superman. The Shadow Supreme is Supreme’s version of Bizzaro.

Duplication (imperfect)-The Shadow Supreme-Supreme V2 #57 (Awesome)

Magik (Marvel) – New Mutants Special Edition V1 #1


Thanos (Marvel) – Infinity Abyss #3


Jimmy Olsen (DC) – Superman’s Pal #90

Jared Beekman (Marvel) creates a duplicate that has all his evilness in Jessica Jones #3 (2018)!

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