(000) Super Intelligence – Linguistic

What is the correct language of other regions, an Ajarn, nature, felines, canines, Borges, advertising globally, my grandfather, Hugh Fox Senior, ghosts, linguistic reconstruction, Indiana Jones. Marco Polo, a messenger, an explorer, and the Gods. I think God you obey and do not back talk! Wow I must learn a lot soon. The language of Sanskrit as retooled in Khmer and, and, and, blah, blah, blah! I go to deal with lust and then swim. I have done good work today. So many sexy women in Asia! I knew but not really. Girlfriends are lawful and I plan to live a long time. IF we have a baby then coin is owed! OF COURSE but do not, will not join the family or the village or the nation! I am and always will be a stranger in a strange land! There is a proper way to address? I do not know but will research this question!

Not a very good video but have no time to make YouTubes. Perhaps an beautiful woman or women can understand this Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein

















Signs of the End of the Word

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“Societal Views” part is wrong of “End of Days” needs editing. The Buddhists are good not heathens. This is the 21st Century not the middle ages. We must learn from each other. Interfaith good, crusades bad! I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN AND LIKE THE BUDDHIST MONKS! The Buddhist monks are a little too detached from the current reality but a good lot all in all!

Many of the problems of the world today have their root in language. The first problem in that there are so many languages. English is the international language and am lucky to have been a ESL teacher for 40 years. Secondly there are two types of normative language that are regularly mixed up which are ethical versus hygiene related. Murder is ethically wrong. Anal sex in a hygiene issue not an ethical issue.