221) Ice Mimicry

Ice Mimicry – The being has a body composed of ice.

Literary Critique of Ice Mimicry 

Iceman started out as a human that could manipulate ice but later become a being made of living ice and therefore much more invulnerable and much more powerful as Iron Fist finds out in AvX VS #6.

Ice Mimicry–Iceman vs Iron Fist-AvX VS #6 (Marvel)

Ymir (Marvel) is probably the most powerful being with the ability to manipulate ice in the Marvel Universe (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #12).

Ice Mimicry-Ymir-Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #12

Glacier Man – Journey into Unknown Worlds V1 #55


Frost (Image) – Noble Causes: First Impressions V1 #0.5

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