077) Bouncing

Bouncing – The ability to bounce like a ball.

Literary Critique of Bouncing

Bouncing Boy (DC) is the best example of this super power (DC Who’s Who V1 #3).

Bouncing-Bouncing Boy-DC Who's Who V1 #3

Bouncing Boy makes some bouncy friends in Adventure Comics #313.

Steve Ditko created Speed Ball (Marvel) who can bounce around due to extradimensional energy in Speedball V1 #1.

Bouncing–Speedball V1 #1

Bouncing-Speedball V1 #1-17

The Shi’ar Imperial Guard has Hardball (Marvel) to bounce around (Mighty Thor 446 #14).

Bouncing-Shi'ar Imperial Guard-Hardball-MightyThor 446 #14

The Bounce (Image) was a bouncing character with his own title (The Bounce #6).

Bouncing-The Bounce #6 (Image)

Bobby Badoing-The Boys – The Innocents V7 (2010)

077) Bouncing-Bobby Badoing-The Boys - The Innocents V7 (2010) - Page 52

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