306) Mind Control Resistance

Mind Control Resistance – The ability to resist mind control.  Mind Control Resistance is also known as Perspicuity, Psychic Resistance and Psychic Shield.

Literary Critique of Mind Control Resistance 

Juggernaut (Marvel) can resist the mind control powers of his brother Professor X when wearing his helmet (Uncanny X-Men V1 #13).

Mind control resistance–Juggernaut-Uncanny X-Men V1 #13-20 Mind control resistance–Juggernaut-Uncanny X-Men V1 #13-21

Magneto’s (Marvel) helmet probably allows Magneto to resist telepathic attacks on the part of Professor X. Quentin Quire (Marvel) uses Magneto’s helmet technology to create a helmet to block out Professor X’s powers (New X-Men V1 #136).

Mind Control Resistance–Quentin Quire-New X-Men V1 #136

The Post-Zero Hour version of Universo (DC) is much more powerful than the Silver Age version and has to fitted with a telepathic dampener as a baby in Titans Legion of Super-Heroes: Universe Ablaze #2.

Mind Control Resistance-Universo-Titans Legion of Super-Heroes-Universe Ablaze #2

Arbitan can resist mind control (Doctor Who – First Doctor Sourcebook).


Captain America (Marvel) has a one-shot device that enables him to resist mind control in Tales of Suspense V1 #79.


Reed Richards creates a device to nullify the mind control of the Puppet Master and the device is never used again despite repeated attacks by the Puppet Master in the future (Strange Tales V1 #126).

mind-control-resistance-thing-vs-puppet-master-strange-tales-v1-126-16 mind-control-resistance-thing-vs-puppet-master-strange-tales-v1-126-17

Roberto da Costa (Marvel) has been taught a mind control counter technique by Professor Xavier as shown in U.S. Avengers #6.

TC-Guard Your Mind

TC-Mind Block

TC-Mind Shield

TC-Mind Wall

Quentin Quire (Marvel) finds it’s not that easy to get into the mind of Captain America in A+X #4.

Tyranny Rex – “Deus Ex Machine” – 2000 AD #8

Astral Nullifier fails because of magic in Legion of X #2 (Marvel).

Magneto uses his helmet with mind control to fight Tarn in X-Men – Red #3 (2022).

306) Mind Control Resistance-Magneto vs Tarn-X-Men - Red #3 (2022) - Page 23

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