422) Superhuman Leaping

Superhuman Leaping – The ability to leap to a superhuman degree.  Superhuman Leaping is also known as Bullet Jump (Warframe), Enhanced Jump, Enhanced Leap, Immense Jump, Immense Leap, Power Jump, Power Leap, Super Jump, Super Leap, Superhuman Jump, Superhuman Leap, Supernatural Jump and Supernatural Leap.  Similar effects can be done with (077) Bouncing  and (410) Spring Mimicry.

Literary Critique of Superhuman Leaping 

Obviously, any character with (431) Superhuman Strength can also leap.  This list will focus on characters for whom jumping is their forte.  Grasshopper (Marvel) uses a suit to make vertical leaps (GLA #2).

Superhuman Leaping–Grasshopper-GLA #2

The Hulk (Marvel) uses his superhuman strength too leap around and why other strong men don’t do this is a mystery to me (Annual Fantastic Four #1). The Thing might not be as strong as the Hulk but he could certainly leap pretty far anyway.

Superhuman Leaping–Hulk-Annual Fantastic Four #1 (1963)

Batroc the Leaper (Marvel) practices a form of savate and leaps around a lot but in real life savate does not employ flying kicks.  In general flying kicks are practiced in Asian martial arts for show.  In theory, a flying kick might make sense when attacking a man on horse back.

Kangaroo (Marvel) got his superhuman leaping power by eating and drinking what the kangaroos did (Amazing Spider-Man V1 #81)!

Superhuman Leaping–Kangaroo-Amazing Spider-Man V1 #81


Crashhopper (Ben 10)


The Frog-Man (Marvel) uses a suit to achieve superhuman leaping in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #4.


There are some superhuman leapers in the animal kingdom as shown in the Ranger Rick poster below.

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