422) Superhuman Leaping

Superhuman Leaping – The ability to leap to a superhuman degree.

Grasshopper (Marvel) uses a suit to make vertical leaps (GLA #2).

Superhuman Leaping–Grasshopper-GLA #2

The Hulk (Marvel) uses his superhuman strength too leap around and why other strong men don’t do this is a mystery to me (Annual Fantastic Four #1). The Thing might not be as strong as the Hulk but he could certainly leap pretty far anyway.

Superhuman Leaping–Hulk-Annual Fantastic Four #1 (1963)

Kangaroo (Marvel) got his superhuman leaping power by eating and drinking what the kangaroos did (Amazing Spider-Man V1 #81)!

Superhuman Leaping–Kangaroo-Amazing Spider-Man V1 #81

Crashhopper (Ben 10)


The Frog-Man (Marvel) uses a suit to achieve superhuman leaping in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #4.


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