440) Technomagic

Technomagic – The ability to combine technology and magic in a single construct.

In Marvel Feature V1 #1, the Omegatron (Marvel) was a machine of world destruction that combined sorcery and science.

Technomagic-Omegatron-Marvel Feature V1 #1 (1971)

The God-Machine (Marvel) is a technomagic machine that saps the free will of humans and is shown in Juggernaut #1 (1999).

In Invincible Iron Man #509, Tony Stark as the Iron Destroyer created a technomagic armor sometimes called Uru Armor.

Technomagic-Uru Armor-Invincible Iron Man #509 (2011)

In Fear Itself #7, Tony Stark lets the rest of the gang have their weapons but they look more magic than technomagic.

Technomagic-Uru Weapons-Fear Itself #7

Tony Stark also created the Sorcerer Armor that housed a database of spells and a computer that could suggest counter spells in What If V2 #113.

Technomagic-What If V2 #113-Tony Stark Became the Master of the Mystical Arts

Mechamage (Marvel) that uses a computer to analyze magical threats in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #1.

In Inferno #4, Wiz Kid created a spell-casting computer.

Technomagic-Wiz Kid-X-Terminators V1 #3

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