484) Voice Mimicry

Voice Mimicry – The ability to mimic the voice of another being with perfect accuracy.  Voice Mimicry is also known as Echo Mimicry, Human Soundboard, Parroting, Sound Imitation, Sound Mimicking, Sound Mimicry, Vocal Imitation, Vocal Mimicry, Vocal Replication and Voice Mimicry.

Literary Critique of Voice Mimicry 

The T-1000 (Terminator) can mimic the voice of anyone he hears after he kills them.

Terminator 2 John Connor’s Parents Scene  

Cacophony (Image) – Freshmen Yearbook #1

Substandard voice mimicry just won’t do the job of fooling a person period regardless of appearance. I have some direct experience in this area. Kathoey may look female but they rarely, almost never, sound female.

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Leucrotta – TSR 2140A Monstrous Manual

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