177) Evolution Manipulation (others)

Evolution Manipulation (others) – The ability to evolve and/or devolve others.  Also known as Evolution, Evolutionary Process, Metamorphosis and Ultimatized.

Literary Critique of Evolution Manipulation (others) 

In Strange Adventures V1 #40, Captain Comet (DC) is evolved into a man of the future which is ironic since he is already the “first man of the future”.

Evolution Manipulation (others)-Captain Comet-Strange Adventures V1 #40

Gann Artar (DC) creates a De-Evolutionary Ray in Superman V1 #166.

The High Evolutionary (Marvel) evolves animals into knights and back again!

Evolution manipulation (others)–High Evolutionary-Tales to Astonish V1 #96

Adam Warlock (Marvel) devolves Annihilus (Marvel) in Thanos – The Infinity Finale.


Ronan’s (Marvel) Plan Atavus will turn humans into cavemen in Avengers V1 #91.

“My Buddy Became a Cave Man” – My Greatest Adventure V1 #68 (DC)

Jimmy Olsen (DC) turns some bad guys into cave men in Superman’s Pal #103.

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