Mirror Mimicry

Mirror Mimicry – The ability to become a mirror and has all the powers associated with this state of being.

The Magic Mirror is an example of this state of being and can answer most questions but not all questions (Fables V1 #19).

Mirror Mimicry–Magic Mirror-Fables V1 #19

Martyn who is the last member of the Cult of Cold Flame doesn’t like what his mirror advises and reacts violently (The Books of Magic V2 #6).

Mirror Mimicry–Martyn of the Cult of Cold Flame-Books of Magic V2 #6

The DC Silver Age liked to turn superheroes into mirrors or characters with mirror like qualities (World’s Finest V1 #121, Flash V1 #126, Justice League of American V1 #7).

Mirror Mimicry-OS-Batman-World's Finest V1 #121 Mirror Mimicry-OS-Flash V1 #126 Mirror Mimicry-OS-Justice League of American V1 #7

There are many mirrors in Trading Card Games.

Mirror Halls

Mirror of Erised

Mirror of Lacef

Mirror Wall

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