310) Mirror Mimicry

Mirror Mimicry – The character is a mirror.

The Magic Mirror is an example of this state of being and can answer most questions but not all questions (Fables V1 #19).

Mirror Mimicry–Magic Mirror-Fables V1 #19

Martyn who is the last member of the Cult of Cold Flame doesn’t like what his mirror advises and reacts violently (The Books of Magic V2 #6).

Mirror Mimicry–Martyn of the Cult of Cold Flame-Books of Magic V2 #6

The DC Silver Age liked to turn superheroes into mirrors or characters with mirror like qualities (World’s Finest V1 #121, Flash V1 #126, Justice League of American V1 #7).

Mirror Mimicry-OS-Batman-World's Finest V1 #121 Mirror Mimicry-OS-Flash V1 #126 Mirror Mimicry-OS-Justice League of American V1 #7

There are many mirrors in Trading Card Games.

Mirror Halls

Mirror of Erised

Mirror of Lacef

Mirror Wall

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