473) Vision (ghosts)

Vision (ghosts) – The ability to see ghosts. This is generally limited to the recently deceased that have not gone to the other side.   Spirits that have gone to the other side needed to be summoned and this power is mediumship.

John Constantine (DC Comics/Vertigo Comics) has this power.

Vision (ghosts)-Constantine-the-Hellblazer-Chat-With-Gary

In the The Sixth Sense , the viewer discovers seeing dead people can be a very unpleasant experience.

Vision (ghosts)-The Sixth Sense

Talisman (Marvel) questions the usual ghosts in Omega Flight #2.

Vision (ghosts)-Talisman-Omega Flight #2

The Ectokid (Marvel) is the child of a human and a ghosts and can see the ectosphere in Razorline-The First Cut V1 #1. The Ectokid deals with lots of over the top two dimensional monsters but the ghost angle is barely developed which is probably one reason the series was cancelled after nine issues.

vision-ghosts-ectokid-razorline-the-first-cut-v1-1-27 vision-ghosts-ectokid-razorline-the-first-cut-v1-1-28

Betty Black uses ghosts to help her solve cases in Haunted- From the Case Files of Betty Black – Go (Mythx Media).

vision-ghosts-haunted-from-the-case-files-of-betty-black-go-mythx-media-16 vision-ghosts-haunted-from-the-case-files-of-betty-black-go-mythx-media-17

Lionel Zerb (Top Cow) feels more comfortable with ghosts than the living in Rising Stars #5.


The deceased Bruce Banner (Marvel) provides data about the Hulk’s ghost vision to Doctor Strange (Marvel) in holographic form in The Hulk-The Fallen #1.


Zatanna (Marvel) apparently has the power to see ghosts as shown in Zatanna #12 (2011).


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