245) Kinetic Absorption

Kinetic Absorption – The ability to absorb forms of kinetic energy into oneself and utilize it in some way, such as by converting it into physical strength or using it to power energy blasts.  Kinetic Absorption is also known as Kinetic Empowerment and Shock Absorption.

Literary Critique of Kinetic Absorption 

Sebastian Shaw (Marvel) can convert kinetic energy into physical strength. Colossus punches Sebastian Shaw and gets punched with his own energy in Uncanny X-Men V1 #132.

Kinetic absorption–Sebastian Shaw vs Colossus-Uncanny X-Men V1 #132

Strong Guy (Marvel) has an upper limit as to how much kinetic energy he can absorb at one time (Strong Guy Reborn V1 #1).

Kinetic Absorption–Strong Guy Reborn V1 #1

Bulletproof can absorb kinetic energy and then use this energy for a wide variety of effects (Official Handbook of the Invincible Universe #1).

Kinetic Absorbtion-Bulletproof-Official Handbook of the Invincible Universe #1

Wundarr the Aquarian (Marvel) can absorb kinetic energy as well as other types of energy in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #1.


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