035) Appendages (hair)

Appendages (hair) – The character has hair that moves in a controlled manner.  Appendages (hair) is also known as Prehensile Hair.

Literary Critique of Appendages (hair) 

Medusa (Marvel) is a major character in the Marvel universe with this superpower (Marvel Super-Heroes V1 #15).

Appendages (hair)–Medusa-Marvel Super-Heroes V1 #15

In Inhumans vs. X-Men #2, Medusa makes her dangerous hair even more dangerous by adding blades to her hair.


Bloody hair action in Unholy #1 (Boundless). The blades in the hair idea appeared in Marvel and Boundless more or less at the same time so hard to say who is copying who.

Spider Girl (DC) is a minor character in the DC universe with this superpower.

Appendages (hair)-Spider Girl - Adventure #372

RokuValiant Universe Handbook 2016 Edition #1 (2016)


Rapunzel is a Medusa (Marvel) parody who appears in Astounding Villain House (Dark Horse).

Horrific hair action in The Junji Ito Horror Collection V3.


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