191) Fungi Manipulation

Fungi Manipulation – The ability to manipulate fungi.  Fungi Manipulation is also known as Fungal Manipulation, Fungokinesis, Fungus Control, Fungus Manipulation, and Mycokinesis.

Literary Critique of Fungi Manipulation 

Fungi is the plural of fungus. So fungi manipulation is more correct grammatically than fungus manipulation. Fungi are not plants!

Fungi Manipulation-Fungi vs Plants

The Swamp Thing (DC) can manipulate plants and can exist in The Green. The fungi counterpart of the Green is The Grey. Matango is the leader of the fungi collective and wants to take over the world which puts him conflict with the Swamp Thing in the story arc Quest for the Elementals. Matango’s strengths and weaknesses are explained in Swamp Thing V2 #106.

Fungi Manipulation-Matango-Swamp Thing V2 #106

Matango is also sixties Japanese science fiction film that is also known as The Attack of the Mushroom People.

Fungi Manipulation-Matango-Attack of the Mushroom People

Judge Dredd – “Darkside” – 2000 AD #1027

Mushroom Gun – Secret Avengers V3 #4 (Marvel)

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