029) Appendages (antennae)

Appendages (antennae) – The character has antennae that can be used for various effects. Appendages (antennae) is also known as antenna protrusion.

Literary Critique of Appendages (antennae) 

Antennae come in a magic version and a scientific version.  Then scientific version suggests that character has some insect connection.  The magic version suggests the character is some sort of fairy or other magic creature.  Hank Pym (Marvel) has antennae both as Ant Man and Giant Man. As Ant Man the antennae allow him to control ants which makes no sense since ants communicate via pheromones and not electronic signals received by their antennae.

Appendages (antennae)-Ant Man-Tales To Astonish V1 #35 - Page 5

As Giant Man, Hank Pym’s (Marvel) antennae also allow him to control his size and sense the presence of Captain America (Tales to Astonish V1 #58-4 but at least Henry Pym can take off his antennae.

Appendages (antennae)-Giant Man-Tales to Astonish V1 #58-4 Appendages (antennae)-Giant Man-Tales to Astonish V1 #58-5

Hank Pym decides to implant antennae into his girlfriend and later abused wife Jane Pym. I don’t know a lot of gals that would want creepy insect like antennae inserted into their foreheads and why doesn’t Henry Pym implant antennae into his own forehead?

Appendages (antennae)-Wasp-Tales To Astonish V1 #44 - Page 17

Chameleon Boy (DC) uses his antennae to scan what he will shape shift into and his antennae bindings mean he can’t use his powers (Legion of Super-Heroes V2 #294).

 Appendages (antennae)–Chameleon Boy-Legion of Super-Heroes V2 #294

Superman (DC) deliberately flies through a cloud of red kryptonite to get some antennae in order to communicate with giant alien ants (Action Comics V1 #296).

Appendages (antennae)-Superman-Action Comics V1 #296

Gravis – Fifth Doctor Sourcebook


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