248) Knowledge Absorption

Knowledge Absorption – The ability to absorb knowledge from another person.

In Shatter (First Comics), skills can be transferred from one person to another but through RNA injections but you have to remove the brain of the person with the skills first (Shatter Special #1).

Knowledge Absorption–Shatter Special #1-27 Knowledge Absorption–Shatter Special #1-28

Skill transfer is temporary except for one person, Shatter. If Shatter receives an RNA injection then the skill transfer is permanent. If you receive an RNA injection from Shatter then you can permanently keep any skills he has and Shatter has had the equivalent of hundreds of RNA injections. This means the brain of Shatter is very valuable (Shatter #9).

Knowledge Absorption–Shatter #9-29

Shatter was also the first digital comic book i.e. not scanned but totally drawn and colorized on a computer.

In Starship Troopers, the brain bugs can absorb human knowledge by sucking out the brains of humans.

Knowledge Absorption–Starship Troopers-Brain Bug

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