003) Accelerated Healing

Accelerated Healing – The ability to heal more quickly than normal.

Examples of characters with this power include Deadpool (Marvel) and Wolverine (Marvel).  I list Regeneration separately.  Regeneration is the ability to recover from an injury even accelerated healing would not be able to handle.  One point that has been made is that Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton means his head cannot be cut off unlike the head of X-23 (Marvel) who has the same accelerated healing as Wolverine.  X-23 has suggested this is one way she could be killed unlike Wolverine.  A character with regeneration might survive even having their head cut off or any major dispersal of their bodily mass unlike a character with just accelerated healing.  Wolverine is killed by a force blast in Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 142.  An Eternal (Marvel) would regenerate from such an injury.

Accelarated Healing-Wolverine-Uncanny X-Men V1 #142

A mysterious organization is studying accelerated healing with unwilling human subjects in Weapon X V3 #2 and they conclude that Warpath (Marvel) has a superior healing rate compared to Lady Deathstrike (Marvel).

Xombi (Dakotaverse) can recover from any injury in the Dakotaverse (Milestone Media Universe Card Set).

Accelerated Healing-Xombi-Milestone Media Universe Card Set

Segal is a member of Brats Bizarre and a masochist that likes to cut herself and appears in Toxic! #24 (Apocalypse).

Accelarated Healing-Segal-Brats Bizarre-Toxic! #24 (Apocalypse)

Solitaire (Malibu) was a hero with accelerated healing in the Ultraverse (1993 SkyBox Ultraverse).

Accelerated Healing-1993 SkyBox Ultraverse-34Bk Solitaire Accelerated Healing-1993 SkyBox Ultraverse-34Fr Solitaire

The Jim Steranko version of Nick Fury (Marvel) is healed with a Revive Machine that is never seen again despite its potential usefulness (Strange Tales V1 #164).accelarated-healing-revive-machine-strange-tales-v1-164-1968

The Hulk (Marvel) shows off his accelerated healing in Hulk – The End.

 accelerated-healing-hulk-the-end-17 accelerated-healing-hulk-the-end-18 accelerated-healing-hulk-the-end-19

The Hulk shows of his accelerated healing again as he recovered from the stone touch of the Grey Gargoyle (Marvel) in Incredible Hulk V1 #363.


The graphic below is showing accelerated healing not regeneration in superpower terms in 8 Fantastic Regenerating Animals – Infographic.

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