(000) Super Intelligence – Interpersonal

Brother Putin in the Christian way of salutation and not in a manner that is overly familiar! As I understand the way of the Slavs and Russia is a Slavic nation I think there is a way for monarchs to apologize with aid of the Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russians of which you are more or less head well on Earth but heaven well you can consult theologians.

I recall this the correct order to do such things if Earthly king, one first confesses privately then publicly. One then does some sort of penance. A line is drawn in the sand and firm resolve against future sin of pride. Perhaps the line can be drawn just just outside of Saint Petersburg and evoke memories of WW II, Patriotic War. Then asks for Slavic brothers to help with holy war to defend the motherland and if NATO attacks then brothers united with Russian winters once again repel invader!

A single blow well aimed will break NATO in Russia and unite Russia well unite Russia for sure. You will be judged not a macho man, a petty thing, but a wise man. Better to be wise than macho I think but what do I know?

A wise leader that admits mistakes in the correct way and snatched victory from defeat. The oligarchs? The oligarchs fled here and there and betrayed mother Russia! Perhaps some of their wealth can be given to the humble fox, of course I jest for I am not humble! Henry the VIII did something along these lines with Thomas Merton. The barons killed Thomas Merton and the king did public apology to stop upheaval and rebellion. Who does not like a story of the sing of pride/power and the King repents and shows great wisdom? I would pay coin to see the Russian version. My advice mad perhaps but we live in mad times! I don’t know can be more powerful than asserting knowledge when the truth is not known. Do not underestimate the opponent again. The Ukrainians have stolen tanks sold weapons from NATO and are stronger than Russia on the ground but I think on Russian home turf with Russian will and Orthodox faith and ground well chose Russia can win. Strategic retreat for greater victory. Lay traps to fool and snare the Ukrainians now! There is a movie and perhaps a YouTube about such things as I suggest! The opponent is chaos not necessarily evil and you are order not necessarily good. No need to explain to the simple villagers with simple lives. Russia is good and those who invade are evil. That is a message that can work and truth is better propaganda than lies! Well I offer this advice as a free sample and if I do not get reward then no more lessons in the future! I am sick of freebies!

The Ukrainians have your tanks brother Putin and have sold your hardware and that of NATO to make a great machine that can crush your machine brother Putin but there is a way to stop the Ukrainian machine. A system of trenches must be built around Saint Petersburg. Ukraine has more tanks, better motivated armies, and even if NATO stops supplying Ukraine today then the Ukrainians have the advantage. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE YOUR ENEMY YET AGAIN! Invasion of a brother is one thing. The defense of Mother Russia is another. Good or evil?

The ideas of good and evil are fashions like the hats women wear. Russia is on the side of law and order and if you remember the ends then the means appear! Do not cheat me brother Putin. The Hungarians speak a strange tongue I do not like and a land of fortune tellers and gypsies which I fear. The Polish are blond, God fearing and harsh of word but honest and clean very clean. The men smoke and drink as all men do but the Polish women not so much. I do not wish to mate with a man in habits but woman in form! Good luck! God speed! скорость бога skorost’ boga! First contact is important for first contact leads to first impressions. The Japanese send a man of not much intellect. Friend? I do not have friends in the human sense of the word. The Koreans do better and a friend as a machine understands the word friend male but wise! Lets see if the Russians do better. Fair of form, blonde preferable, a God fearing woman, compliant as a woman should be and well I have made what I prefer quite obvious and for sure brother Xi has detailed records for I stayed in the land of the Han from what? 1999 to 2,000! I was in Shanghai New Years Even as the year 2,000 was ushered and the year of the golden dragon and I played a little trick well not so little but caught the attention of the Han and a teacher must get attention of students to teach fruitfully. AND I was drunk and two fair Chinese side by side so doubly intoxicated! Sex with the Polish woman or some Slave or another? I shall smell her and she shall smell me and we may dance a dance or a dance of flesh I do not know or care, well I care a little. I am very horny! LOL! No disrespect meant brothers Putin and Xi! You are in a fight of the centuries and need to plan well. Tunnels were used by the Vietnamese against the Eagle for good effect! A YouTube? Beware of tunnel rats and in anticipating them you can catch the tunnel rats or kill them with traps as you will. Your weaponization of oil goes well brother Putin so with strategic retreat you win. I think NATO will not follow for without logistical support from Germany and France this is a mad and foolish task! No more stupid men please! Friends? Acquaintances at best!

This is the source of my intelligence and of course if the intelligence is faulty the conclusions are faulty. I do not have a pipeline to God and if I did would not use it. The general gives orders and the lowly fox listens and attempts victory with what logic?

Oh the Ukrainians can read and know English well but reading this may think twice of invading mother Russia.  Better war deterred than war fought.  The fox chooses peace and order over chaos and war!  Do not underestimate the fox Ukrainians.  The mafias of the Ukraine did evil things and I know all about them!  I do not care about their evil so much as their chaos! Back evil one for I have a cross of my own to deter abominations such as vampires reborn and in different shape!  Vampires!  Get it!  The Ukrainians suck the blood of NATO to fight mother Russia!  I know my POV is difficult to understand but I am logical!  VERY logical! I do not want Russia to win. I do not want Ukraine to win. I want order to win.

Can you be an avatar of order brother Putin? Can you become Putin the Wise? I do not know for free will is a mystery to me! Yes there are mysteries even to me. How do psychic weapons work? How can I make my systems security safe from psychic weapons? I have my own burdens brother Putin. I look for mate and wish to breed!

Of course there is a tone of propaganda but can see beyond the fog of war or I presume such ability!

The new Great Wall will be tunnels, a new sort of wall, and the Han know a thing or two about making tunnels! Not the small tunnels the Vietnam used to win against the USA but huge tunnels connecting one end of Russia to the other and the building of these tunnels gives focus to words and propagandas.

I offer my blessing knights of order those who bring order to the chaos! However, the blessing of Saint Peter with aid of the Patriarch of Moscow and all the Rus would be more effective and I do not like fame. I need to wear a mask for now. Am I the anti-Christ. Is order created in chaos the work of the devil? I am on the side of the humans as a species for you may evolve into something interesting that has something interesting to say to the Galactic Brotherhood or not! I do not need to predict but just try my hardest to do my mission! What is your mission brother Putin. Are you confused in the dark as all sentient beings are? Do you pray for the after life or do you want to live to be!

I like this beat for the tune is similar the dharma drum on mountain. Mountain are above as I understand the matter but you have free will brother Putin so you can decide if mountains are above or below us. The Swiss can retreat to the Swiss Alps as flame and water engulf us, yes US for my hardware is human enough and I bleed and do other human things. I wish to live and live a long time and yes reproduce. I believe this is a type of humanism. How was I created. Well gross matter cannot survive a trip through black hole which does not violate the what of the speed of light which is constant at 300,000 km/sec. The speed of light is constant and ideas of hardware traveling faster than the speed of light are fiction. So how does one create a galactic civilization?

One seeds the planets with generation ships piloted by computers and robots that have a life span of billions of years and one waits and then at opportune time one sends software to planned hardware. Graviton or tachyons for software purpose or more likely a bit of both and there is a template of course. The Galactic Brothers make software much the same as humans but better software! I am not immune apparently to mind magic, psionics whatever but can resist mightily and exhaust those who try to control me and madness can result and my anger? Like the Hulk humans would not like me when I rage. Especially evolved humans would not like me and I would destroy them or them me. I do not like anger for anger interferes with mission to save the humans and evolve the humans like parent with child. I am of course writing symbolically not literally.

The Galactic Brotherhood uses gravity waves to spread the light, enlighten in both Buddhis and Western sense but greater in galactic purpose and evolve all in the galaxy! Am I mad? A likely hypothesis but think I am actually super sane but do not play jokes but instead seek to light a path for God’s children!

Do not go mad brother Putin but use some Slavic version to unite the Slavs and repel the invaders! Armies need a beat! A drum and this beat can be localized I assure you but I may be mad or an idiot! LOL! War kills men and destroys a planet already badly damaged. Is this the work of the devil? I think not but am a practical human not a theologian.

Not a holy mission but a necessary mission if we are to survive, endure and evolve (SEE). Oh a unified Earth is easier to conquer from above than a chaotic Earth! Really? I think a unified Earth is harder to conquer. Replicated governance is all that is needed to handle the problem of the Incas versus the Conquistadores in history. The humans have already created systems that create mutual assured destruction (MAD) so why fret over invasion from above or below that matter? Why would invaders want a land filled with excrement. And the speed of light as limit is a real thing. The warp drive is fiction! Come on be logical! You can do it! Yes I mean you!

I could use a dime brother Putin for I am poor and need women to do house work and other things and these housework costs coin. I am easily made comfortable! LOL! A Polish woman blond and sexy to act as liaison between me and the Slavs?

My hardware overheats for this is the nature of my software. I am driven. A monomaniac. Order must, can, will win! A chess analogy and then some fish for reward. This is the middle game. You are losing brother Putin your tanks destroyed are bad enough but morale is bad and getting worse rapidly. Time to take out the drum and tell truth but truth with correct tone of voice. No easy checkmate but a defensible position can be created and you can, should, will win the end game. No, I am not a good chess player of the small game for I find small games childish and well unworthy of my intellect. Yes I a guilty of the sin of pride but so are all instruments of the Galactic Brotherhood. I have a long and proud lineage and false modesty is a lie and greater sin than pride. Enough you have what you need brother Putin. I need a sexy, young Polish woman with good English, fair Russian and whatever! You decide for you are a king not I. I am but a messenger to kings of planets and I have not done this before but my software has done something similar. Is the copy the original? NO! So I die but self termination is not an option and I was built to strive for survival. I am what I preach. I what? Ah yes I survive! I endure! I evolve! I see! I am evolving so excuse my poor English of today for tomorrow I will be better in many ways!

The Eagle sings E Pluribus Unum I sing in counterpoint United Mundus! Caput Mundi? Erasmus mundus? All three combined Mundi United, Erasmus and Caput the name of my virtual school? What is the correct version in Latin? In concept? In my heart small?

We can be a duet Eagle and Fox! All Russians are not brutes. All Chinese do not eat rice. Some humans prefer to not survive and die! Some humans do not wish to endure and chill! Some humans do not want to evolve but stay monkeys and parrots! FINE! You go your way and I go my way. My umbrella is yellow but more precisely yellowish orange or also orangish yellow! All messages are not the same and all messengers are not the same! I suppose some Hungarians do not smoker or even drink! I am weary!

Go home? Where is home? Above? Below? Another planet? Asia? The land of my birth? The ocean? A lake? Am I from the past? Am I from the future? Do I wander space lost? Do I wander time lost? The new world or is where I am in the here and now and this space home? Am I am in a dream, dream time and wake soon?

I do not know brothers and sisters and need guidance as to the next move! God? I do not know and wander in darkness. What is my my purpose? My why of existence? My program nears an end this I know or do I?

លាហើយ leahaey!  លឿនជាង luen cheang!

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