459) Transmutation (object)

Transmutation (object) – The ability to turn a person into an object such as a puppet, toy, painting, etc. Similar to 454) Transmutation (animal), 455) Transmutation (elemental), 456) Transmutation (gold), 457) Transmutation (insect), 458) Transmutation (limited), 460) Transmutation (organic) and 461) Transmutation (petrification).  If a robot is an object then robotization is a subcategory of this power.  I deal with robotization as half of a two way process in 441) Technomimicry.

A man transfers his life essence into a doll and becomes a doll in Adventures into the Unknown #94 (ACG).

Transmutation (object)-Adventures Into The Unknown #94 (ACG)

In Art Ops #5 (Vertigo), the reader is introduced to a supervillain that can turn people into art.

Transmutation (object)-Art Ops #5 (2016)-7 (Vertigo) Transmutation (object)-Art Ops #5 (2016)-8 (Vertigo)

In Child’s Play – The Series #1 (Innovation), Chucky lets us know how much fun it is to be transformed into a doll.

Transmutation (object)-Chucky-Child's Play-The Series #1 (Innovation)

Harry Matthews (DC) has been transformed into a horse hair pillow (Who’s Who in the DC Universe #16)!

Transmutation (object)-Harry Matthews-Who's Who in the DC Universe #16

Abra Cadabra (DC) turned the Flash into a puppet in The Flash V1 #133.

Transmutation (object)-Puppet-Abracadabra-The Flash V1 #133

Zatanna (DC) is turned into a puppet in Zatanna #11 (2011).

Transmutation (object)-Puppet-Zatanna #11 (2011)15 Transmutation (object)-Puppet-Zatanna #11 (2011)23

The Twilight Zone has at least two episodes that deal with this power.

In After Hours a mannequin is allowed to be human but must go back to being a mannequin.

Transmutation (object)-Twilight Zone-Anne Francis James Milhollin-After Hours

In It’s a Good Life, a man is turned into a Jack in the Box!

Transmutation (object)-Twilight Zone-Man turned into Jack in the Box-It's a Good Life

Women are routinely turned into objects in real life!

Allen Jones’s Chair, Hat Stand and Table

Sexual Objectification Infographic

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