459) Transmutation (object)

Transmutation (object) – The ability to turn a person into an object such as a puppet, toy, painting, etc. Transmutation (object) is also known as Inanimate Transmogrification, Inanimate Transmutation and Object Transmutation.  Similar to 454) Transmutation (animal), 455) Transmutation (elemental), 456) Transmutation (gold), 457) Transmutation (insect), 458) Transmutation (limited), 460) Transmutation (organic) and 461) Transmutation (petrification).  If a robot is an object then robotization is a subcategory of this power.  I deal with robotization as half of a two way process in 441) Technomimicry.

Literary Critique of Transmutation (object)

A man transfers his life essence into a doll and becomes a doll in Adventures into the Unknown #94 (ACG).

Transmutation (object)-Adventures Into The Unknown #94 (ACG)

In Art Ops #5 (Vertigo), the reader is introduced to a supervillain that can turn people into art.

Transmutation (object)-Art Ops #5 (2016)-7 (Vertigo) Transmutation (object)-Art Ops #5 (2016)-8 (Vertigo)

In Child’s Play – The Series #1 (Innovation), Chucky lets us know how much fun it is to be transformed into a doll.

Transmutation (object)-Chucky-Child's Play-The Series #1 (Innovation)

Harry Matthews (DC) has been transformed into a horse hair pillow (Who’s Who in the DC Universe #16)!

Transmutation (object)-Harry Matthews-Who's Who in the DC Universe #16

Abra Cadabra (DC) turned the Flash into a puppet in The Flash V1 #133.

Transmutation (object)-Puppet-Abracadabra-The Flash V1 #133

Zatanna (DC) is turned into a puppet in Zatanna #11 (2011).

Transmutation (object)-Puppet-Zatanna #11 (2011)15 Transmutation (object)-Puppet-Zatanna #11 (2011)23

The Twilight Zone has at least two episodes that deal with this power.

In After Hours a mannequin is allowed to be human but must go back to being a mannequin.

Transmutation (object)-Twilight Zone-Anne Francis James Milhollin-After Hours

In It’s a Good Life, a man is turned into a Jack in the Box!

Transmutation (object)-Twilight Zone-Man turned into Jack in the Box-It's a Good Life

Women are routinely turned into objects in real life!

Allen Jones’s Chair, Hat Stand and Table

Sexual Objectification Infographic

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