394) Size Growth (self)

Size Growth (self) – The ability to increase body size.

Colossal Boy (DC) often towered over skyscrapers in the 30th century (DC Who’s Who #5).

Size Growth (self)-Colossal Boy-DC Who's Who #5

Giganta (DC) loses control as she gets bigger.

Size growth (self)–Giganta (DC)

Henry Pym (Marvel) has been able to grow larger in his Goliath and Giant-Man incarnations.

Size Growth (self)–Henry Pym

Nuklon (DC) could only double his size (DC Who’s Who #17).

Size Growth (self)-Nuklon-DC Who's Who #17

Nuklon became Atom Smasher and could grow as high as 60 feet in this incarnation.  Nuklon foolishly takes on the Spectre in JSA V1 #75 and proves that the bigger they, the harder they fall.

Size Growth (self)-Atom Smasher-JSA V1 #75-28 Size Growth (self)-Atom Smasher-JSA V1 #75-29

Gulliver can become a giant in Pantheon (Lone Star Press).

Size Growth (self)-Gulliver-Pantheon #10 (Lone Star Press)

Tower is a giant in Force Seven #1 (Lone Star Press).

Size Growth (self)-Tower-Force Seven #1 (Lone Star Press)

Elasti-Girl (DC) in DC Who’s Who #7.


The Galaxy Trio include Meteor Man (Hanna-Barbera) that can enlarge particular parts of his body.


Masada (Wildstorm) can become a giantess in Youngblood Battlezone #2.


Maul (Wildstorm) becomes less intelligent as he becomes larger (WildCATs Adventures Sourcebook).


Mister Big (Savage Dragon)


Roaring Bear (Marvel) becomes a giant due to a potion in Two-Gun Kid V1 #65.


The Shi’ar Imperial Guard include Titan (Marvel) who is a Colossus Kid (DC) pastiche.

The Claw (Savage Dragon)


Ultimate Way Big (Ben 10)


Way Big (Ben 10)


Amnesia – Love and Rockets #3 (Fantagraphics)

Colossus Comics #1 (Sun Publications)

Giant – Champions #3 (Eclipse)

Streaky (DC) – “The Battle of the Super-Pets” – Action Comics #277

We Fought the Giant of Island X-Tales of the Unexpected #101

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