394) Size Growth (self)

Size Growth (self) – The ability to increase your own body size and then shrink back to a normal size.  Size Growth (self) is also known as Enlarge, Giant, Growth, Growth Inducement, Megamorph, Self-Magnification, Size Enhancement and Size Increase.  Similar to (199) Giant Anatomy but a giant is at normal size as a giant.  The ability to increase one’s own body size not that of objects as is the case with (393) Size Growth (object).

Literary Critique of Size Growth (self) 

Colossal Boy (DC) often towered over skyscrapers in the 30th century (DC Who’s Who #5).

Size Growth (self)-Colossal Boy-DC Who's Who #5

Giganta (DC) loses control as she gets bigger.

Size growth (self)–Giganta (DC)

Lex Luthor (DC) turns himself into a giant in Superman V1 #170.

Henry Pym (Marvel) has been able to grow larger in his Goliath and Giant-Man incarnations.

Size Growth (self)–Henry Pym

Henry Pym as the Wasp (Marvel) grows big enough to transport himself and the Absorbing Man (Marvel) to Overspace (Marvel) in Avengers Academy Vl #7.

Nuklon (DC) could only double his size (DC Who’s Who #17).

Size Growth (self)-Nuklon-DC Who's Who #17

Nuklon became Atom Smasher (DC) and could grow as high as 60 feet in this incarnation.  Nuklon foolishly takes on the Spectre (DC) in JSA V1 #75 and proves that the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Size Growth (self)-Atom Smasher-JSA V1 #75-28 Size Growth (self)-Atom Smasher-JSA V1 #75-29

Gulliver can become a giant in Pantheon (Lone Star Press).

Size Growth (self)-Gulliver-Pantheon #10 (Lone Star Press)

Tower is a giant in Force Seven #1 (Lone Star Press).

Size Growth (self)-Tower-Force Seven #1 (Lone Star Press)

Elasti-Girl (DC) in DC Who’s Who #7.


The Galaxy Trio includes Meteor Man (Hanna-Barbera), who can enlarge particular parts of his body.


Masada (Wildstorm) can become a giantess in Youngblood Battlezone #2.


Maul (Wildstorm) becomes less intelligent as he becomes larger (WildCATs Adventures Sourcebook).


Mister Big (Savage Dragon)


Roaring Bear (Marvel) becomes a giant due to a potion in Two-Gun Kid V1 #65.


The Shi’ar Imperial Guard include Titan (Marvel) who is a Colossus Kid (DC) pastiche.

The Claw (Savage Dragon)


Ultimate Way Big (Ben 10)


Way Big (Ben 10)


Amnesia – Love and Rockets #3 (Fantagraphics)

Colossus Comics #1 (Sun Publications)

Giant – Champions #3 (Eclipse)

Streaky (DC) – “The Battle of the Super-Pets” – Action Comics #277

“We Fought the Giant of Island X” – Tales of the Unexpected #101

Atlas (Image) – Brigade Sourcebook #1

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