418) Super Fecundity

Super Fecundity – The ability to reproduce at abnormal level which gives the species a survival advantage.

Grand Regent Thragg (Image) uses the reproductive potential of the Thraxan women to create an army of children (Invincible #115).

Super Fecundity-Grand Regent Thragg-Invincible #115 (2014)-1 Super Fecundity-Grand Regent Thragg-Invincible #115 (2014)-2

A group of superheroes hope that the Sequid Collective (Image) cannot reproduce faster than they can kill them (Invincible #40).

Super Fecundity-Sequid Collective-Invincible #40 (2007)

Tribbles were considered a “mortal enemy” of the Klingon Empire due to their fecundity (Who’s Who in Star Trek #2).

Super Fecundity-Tribbles-Who's Who in Star Trek #2 (1987)

Mightor (Hanna-Barbera) fights the Furbos who resemble tribbles in Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes #5 (Gold Key).

super-fecundity-mighty-mightor-vs-furbos-hanna-barbara-super-tv-heroes-5-13 super-fecundity-mighty-mightor-vs-furbos-hanna-barbara-super-tv-heroes-5-14

The Mad Thinker (Marvel) has Awesome Android reproducing at a rate that will over run New York unless the city pays a ransom in Avengers V6 #3.1.

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