418) Super Fecundity

Super Fecundity – The ability to reproduce at abnormal level which gives the species a survival advantage.  Super Fecundity is also known as Accelerated Reproduction, Enhanced Fecundity, Supernatural Conception and Supernatural Fecundity.

Literary Critique of Super Fecundity

Grand Regent Thragg (Image) uses the reproductive potential of the Thraxan women to create an army of children (Invincible #115).

Super Fecundity-Grand Regent Thragg-Invincible #115 (2014)-1 Super Fecundity-Grand Regent Thragg-Invincible #115 (2014)-2

A group of superheroes hope that the Sequid Collective (Image) cannot reproduce faster than they can kill them (Invincible #40).

Super Fecundity-Sequid Collective-Invincible #40 (2007)

Tribbles were considered a “mortal enemy” of the Klingon Empire due to their fecundity (Who’s Who in Star Trek #2).

Super Fecundity-Tribbles-Who's Who in Star Trek #2 (1987)

Mightor (Hanna-Barbera) fights the Furbos who resemble tribbles in Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes #5 (Gold Key).

super-fecundity-mighty-mightor-vs-furbos-hanna-barbara-super-tv-heroes-5-13 super-fecundity-mighty-mightor-vs-furbos-hanna-barbara-super-tv-heroes-5-14

The Mad Thinker (Marvel) has Awesome Android reproducing at a rate that will over run New York unless the city pays a ransom in Avengers V6 #3.1.

“One Too Many” – Creepy #33

The Skreens have a unique form of technology enhanced reproduction in NewThink #1 (Awa-Upshot).

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