486) Wand Manipulation

Wand Manipulation – The wand can be used for various superhuman effects.  Wand Manipulation is also known as Wand Magic.

Literary Critique of Wand Manipulation 

Wands dominate the Harry Potter Universe!

Harry Potter-Borrowed Wand

Harry Potter-Broken Wand

Harry Potter-Phoenix Feather Wand

Harry Potter-Wand Shop

DC Wands

Mentachem Wand (DC)

Gravitox Wand

Weather Wizard – Control Wand – DC Heroes-DC Technical Manual

Marvel Wands

Wand of Xyggondo in Doctor Strange V4 #20

Wand of PowerDoctor Strange V2 #57

The Wand of Watoomb first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2.

Dungeons and Dragons Trading Cards

D&D-Ravencroft Wand

D&D-Wand of Enemy Detection

D&D-Wand of Fear

D&D-Wand of Illusion

D&D-Wand of Magic Detection

D&D-Wand of Magic Missiles

D&D-Wand of Metal and Mineral Detection

D&D-Wand of Negation

D&D-Wand of Paralyzation

D&D-Wand of Secret of Secret Door and Trip Detection

Miscellaneous Trading Card Game Cards

Dragon Heart Wand

Eredar Wand of Obliteration

Sailor Moon Item Crystal and Wand

Tirisfal Wand of Ascendancy

Voidfire Wand

Wand of Eternal Light

Wand of Negation

Wand of the Seer

Wand Specialization

Tarot – Suite of Wands

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