370) Reactive-Adaptation

Reactive-Adaptation – The ability to adapt in response to immediate threats.  Reactive-Adaption is also known as Instant Adaptation, Instant Evolution, Nemesis, Reactive Evolution and Spontaneous Adaptation.

Literary Critique of Reactive-Adaptation 

Darwin (Marvel) is a superhero that learned about his superpower in a very interesting situation (X-Men: Deadly Genesis #2).

Reactive-Adaptation–Darwin-X-Men-Deadly Genesis #2

Nemesis Kid (DC) is a supervillain that does not adapt to environments but to single opponents.

Reactive-Adaptation–Nemesis Kid

Polymath (Avatar) adapts to everything thrown at him by John Dusk in Absolution: Rubicon #4.


The Skindancer has adaptive energy resistance (D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual III).


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